Assignment First

本篇代寫essay-性別工資差距講了根據這項研究,可以確定的是,大多數主導的工作階層並不認爲婦女是熟練的,因爲這些工作可能與家務有關。這些家務活是婦女們在自己家裏免費做的。其次,在加拿大有大量的女性工人,她們一直在一些低範圍的職業和低收入行業工作(Cohen, 012)。與男性相比,從事低範圍職業的女性在20個收入最低的職業中有代表性。本篇代寫essay文章由澳洲第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

Factors leading to gender wage gaps in Canada

According to the research it can be identified the most of the dominating job classes do not refer women as skilled because the tasks may be related to the domestic jobs. These domestic jobs are done by the women for free in their own homes. Secondly, there are a large number of women workers in Canada who have been working in a number of low range occupations and in the lower paid industries (Cohen, 012). The women who have been working in the low range of occupations in comparison to men have the representation in the 20 lowest paid occupations. It has been found that around two third of the total women in Canada are working in some of the low paid works such as teaching, nursing and health care, offices and administrative work and sales and service industries. The women whose age is between 25 to 54 accounts for the 22% of the overall minimum wage workers in Canada in 2009 which was double to the proportion of men who belonged to the same age group.

Thirdly, it has been observed that the reason for the wage gap is more as more number of women opts for the part time works in comparison to the men who opt for the full time works. It was found that in the year 2013, around 70 % of the total part time workers were the women. This is the result which has remained steady for the past 30 years. The women are much more interested in part time jobs or the temporary jobs which may include less number of wages in comparison to the full time works where mostly men are working. Though, there are a large number of reasons for the part time work by women (Cool, 2010). This may include the lack of affordable child care and family leave policies and also the large number of family related responsibilities which are levied upon them as a result of the part time work. These factors are also responsible for the interruption of the employment in women which has a negative impact on the income.