Assignment First

本篇代寫essay-有機食品讲了將被考慮的對象傳記是“現代文化中有機水果的使用”。有機水果可能是最近社會和文化趨勢的參考。有機食品消費量的增加是由於媒體對健康和環境危害的報道增多。人們被迫考慮他們的健康選擇。這是基於這樣一個事實,即在過去幾年裏,健康疾病和享樂主義方面的食品消費一直在增加。這一趨勢可以從人們從社會和文化領域的不同方面吃飯的方式中觀察到。這些都是基於人類學的市場實踐和媒體內容。關注媒體消費和對有機食品的考慮的態度已經在全球範圍內發生了轉變。這些影響了當地的飲食文化和融合了它們的美食。本篇代寫essay文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The object biography that will be considered is the “Use of Organic fruits in modern culture”. The organic fruits are probably the reference to the recent social and cultural trend. An increase in the organic food consumption is due to the rise in the media coverage on health and environmental dangers. The people are forced to think about their health choices. This is based on the facts that there is increase in the health ailment and hedonistic aspect of the food consumption has been on the increase in the past few years. The trend is observed in the way the people are eating through the different aspect of the social and cultural realm. These are based on the anthropological market practices and media content. The attitudes that concern the media consumption and consideration of the organic food have shifted globally. These impact the local food culture and the gastronomies that are incorporating them.

Where and How Is It Produced?

Organic farming of trees has become ubiquitous across the world. The people across the world, companies and local people consider the organic food as something that is healthy. These organic farming is grown with natural fertilizers for increase in the growth. The weeds are controlled naturally by the process of crop rotation, hand weeding and tilling process. There is minimal to no level of chemicals that are used. The pests are controlled by natural process. The food that is developed uses very few chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. The organic food is considered to be fresher and it does not contain preservatives. The organic farming practices are considered to reduce the impacts of pollution, reduce soil erosion and increase soil fertility. The farming is by least impacts of antibiotics and growth hormones.

Stakeholders Producing Organic Food

The producers of organic food are essentially the farmers in the local communities and the big corporations. The organic food is different from the local food production. The definition of the local community production is the locally grown food and produce. Some local producers are organic farmers. The benefit of this locally grown good is that it starts with the local economy and the money reaches the farmer. The freshness of the food is harvested and ripe. They are mass produced by the big corporations. There are huge imports done from other nations into Australia. There are many people who consider they are organic growers. The issues with the organic fruits are that no one really knows the actual producers. It is used as a jargon to promote sales and it is not regulated.