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代寫essay:Fairview Mall和Don Mills店鋪的對比

通過對Fairview Mall和Don Mills店鋪的對比,在多個因素的基礎上進行了比較,以便有清晰的認識。這些多重因素討論如下:



費爾文商場(團結地稱為CF費爾文商場)是一個主要的購物中心在多倫多,安大略省,加拿大約80000 m²(860000平方英尺)。它位於市中心東北幾公裏處,位於唐米爾斯路和謝潑德大道的東北角,東在前北約克區。

代寫essay:Fairview Mall和Don Mills店鋪的對比



Fairview Mall始建於1970年,致力於改變城市居民的生活。先進的技術解決方案采用了最適合商場的設計,從長遠來看將產生積極的影響。

代寫essay:Fairview Mall和Don Mills店鋪的對比

The comparison between Fairview Mall and the Shops of Don Mills is done based on multiple factors to have clear understanding. These multiple factors are discussed below:
Location, Places & Placeslessness
The Shops at Don Mills which corporately known as CF Shops at Don Mills is a lifestyle centre- type shopping centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which located at Don Mills Road and Lawrence Avenue East.
Fairview Mall (corporately known as CF Fairview Mall) is a major shopping centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada of about 80,000 m² (860,000 sq ft). It is located several kilometers north-east of downtown at the northeast corner of Don Mills Road and Sheppard Avenue East in the former borough of North York.

代寫essay:Fairview Mall和Don Mills店鋪的對比

Both are located in Toronto and Toronto is the most populous city in Canada, the provincial capital of Ontario, and the centre of the Greater Toronto Area, the most populous metropolitan area in Canada. Toronto had population of about 2,615,060 (In 2011) at the time of the construction of the mall. The Toronto was fifth largest city in North America. This city is an international hub for arts, culture, businesses and finance related activities.

The Shops at Don Mills’ has various streets inside the mall with storefronts face of various brands. The entire layout of the mall is centered on a square. This layout includes commissioned art by Douglas Coupland and historical interpretive on the walls. The Mall’s layout is simple and similar to regular retail strip in neighborhood. There are Gourmet market, restaurant, shops and education hubs. There is multi-level parking on the site with limited parking space long the internal streets.
Fairview Mall was constructed in 1970 and it was built with focus on transformation of the lives of the people living in the city. The advance technological solutions were used with best design suitable for the Mall that will impact positively in longer term.