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本篇代寫-工作場所問題講了人們一生中有三分之一的時間都在工作中,而工作往往會引發職場問題。對許多人來說,工作場所的問題是壓力的共同來源。工作場所的問題會對個人的心理健康產生負面影響。工作場所的問題導致心理健康問題的流行,如焦慮和抑鬱(Clarke, 2010)。本篇代寫文章由澳洲第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

People spend one-third of their lives at the work that causes workplace issues. For many people,workplace problems are the common source of stress. The workplace issues cause a negative impact on the mental health of an individual. The workplace issues lead to the prevalence of the mental health issues such as anxiety and depression (Clarke, 2010). The common workplace issues that the employees face includes interpersonal conflict, bullying, communications problems, discrimination, harassment, performance issues, job satisfaction and low motivation. Some employee experiences dissatisfaction at their work and faces difficulties. The workplace issues can lead to loss of termination/job, decreased productivity/performance, mental health issues, stress, and decreased happiness/satisfaction. It is the responsibility of the managers to deal with the situations.

Background: Identify an entitlement in a workplace instrument

Workplace issues

The employees face many difficulties at their workplaces which impose significant impact on their mental health. The researchers have recognized that the impact of poor mental health status can have on the employees, their families and friends. About 977 employee reviews were posted on the website indeed with claiming that working for Woolworths offered unfair hours of working and less change of promotion. A former team member in a store of the company claimed that there was bullying at the workplace (Tran, 2015). The customer suffers, and the workers get more stressed. Many employees also stated that they had been bullied many times and would never work for the company again. One of the former workers complained that they were unfairly treated at their stores. The store managers are not much concern about the issue. A duty manager at a store in NSW stated that they were overworked with very little pay. Former employees claimed that there were poor organization skills and bad management at the store. A spokesperson of an organization told that the company is making a significant contribution the economy andemployment. The company has diversified workforce, and they are provided with the basic needs.