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A wide range of restrictions is with respect to foreign investment control in the case of Hong Kong. Cross media ownerships are highly restricted and would be lifted only if significant cause was given from the public interest end.
Only online media could be broadcasted without any registration requirements, all other forms of media will require a compulsory government license.


In terms of legislation, the following acts are seen to be applicable in the case of regulatory control provisions. The acts are the Broadcasting ordinance, the Telecommunications Ordinance, the Generic Code of practice on Television Program Standards and more. Free-to-Air TV, cable TV and subscription TV will all require license and under the Cap 562 of Broadcasting Ordinance, it becomes an offense to use these without a license.Categorical definitions are given for domestic pay television, for non-domestic television, and other licensable television. Strict rules exist for online content provision and the TELA Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority defines the control regulations. Defamation ordinance exits in order to make a case against anybody that makes use of the media to defame. Similarly, some basic laws are present under the Hong Kong constitution which seeks to protect the basic press freedom and at the same time will ensure security of people and specific laws exist to protect government proceedings and interest, for instance in the case of Hong Kong. The laws ensure that reporters do not enter during court proceedings, however reporters are allowed to write about the proceedings.