Assignment First

本篇代寫-解決酒店運營問題講了酒店的感知質量是可控的事件。它可以作爲一種營銷手段來針對客戶。可以通過優化資源和正確的營銷工具來說服客戶做出對酒店和消費者都可行的選擇(Mauri, 2013)。提高服務質量的適當因素是保證有足夠的資源滿足滿足的能力需求。應定期監測服務質量。本篇代寫文章由澳洲第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

The perceived quality of the hotel is a controllable event. It can be used as a marketing effort to target the customers. There can be optimization of the resources and the right marketing tools to convince the customers to take the option that is workable for both the hotel and the consumers (Mauri, 2013). The appropriate factors to improve service quality is to ensure that there are adequate resources to meet the capacity requirements of the satiation. There should be regular monitoring of the services quality.

Management should regularly audit the service quality provided to the consumers and ensure that there are adequate staff during the high customer traffic hours to handle the extra requirements during certain hours of operation (Mauri, 2013). This would enable the company to address the needs of the consumers and ensure that they meet the demands of the situation.


By moving some of the consumers into the lunch option there can be reduction of the number of customers during breakfast. However the company has to address the issues of meeting the consumer perception of quality. The SERQUAL model has been prescribed by the company to handle the issues of capacity management. To meet the five dimension of the SERQUAL model there should be the adequate capacity to handle the requirements of the consumers. The number of consumer should be adequately services and the company should focus on ways to improve the resources to handle high consumer traffic.