Assignment First

  本篇代寫論文 價格-對空間的感知講了對空間的感知取決於集體社會和個人感知的觀點。在公共空間如廁所的使用方面,社會上存在着二元分化。在這種情況下,婦女團體表示,爲了保護婦女的安全,應該有性別空間,而社會中跨性別者的數量非常少。這導致他們在社會中被邊緣化。這種關於跨性別者的觀念需要改變,只有在個體社區中通過教育和意識工具才能實現。這篇代寫論文 價格文章由澳洲第一論文assignment first輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Theories on life and learning processes stress on the fact that life is an open journey that is not fixed on the spatial boundaries of a place. It has been observed in the societies that the identity of a place is found to be continually changing according to the societal views and also the individual perception (Kostogriz, 2006). This learning process in turn questions the victims of the space identity that has been already established. It needs to be construed that the identity of a place is a dynamic action where the people keep developing identities based on the knowledge and insights gained about the differing social agendas and from the various learning theories that are being developed (Lévy, 1997).

  From this it can be understood that perception of space depends on the views of the collective society and individual perception. There is a binary differentiation in the societies regarding the usage of public spaces such as the toilet. In this situation, the women groups state that there should be gendered spaces in order to protect the security of women and the number of transgender in the societies is very low. This leads to them being marginalized in the societies. This perception regarding transgender needs to change and it can be brought only by tools of education and awareness in the individual communities.

  3. Interaction and identity:

  Numbers of theories and empirical researches have agreed that identity of a person is a combination of self identity and the conformities of the society (Peace, Hollandand Kellaher, 2005.). For this the ideology behind identity and the conformities for the formation of identity needs to be probed.

  According to the dictionary definition of identity, identity is defined as the distinctive characters that belong to an individual. Identity is a form of label that is used by the individuals to define themselves and how the society identifies the particular individual. In this context the defining identity of a person is inherently based on the subjective and contextual form of the individual (Swann & Bosson, 2008). It can be established that identity of a person is nothing but the label a person gives to them and the labeling of the society about the individual based on the relational and ideological belief in the society (Lieblich, and Josselson, 1994). Now to determine identity the roots and the beliefs in the society need to be probed.