Assignment First

本篇代寫論文 價格——人體工程學講了加里·斯賓塞·亞當斯(Gary Spencer Adams)主持的波士頓人體器官再生科學展覽(Boston Science show on Human organ regeneration)既令人興奮,也令人恐懼。電子再生或器官和組織的重建是音頻的重點,它展示了人體如何以更完美的方式調整和生長。這就像在人類出生之前就糾正他們的缺陷。在當今世界,技術和科學結合起來製造3d打印器官,其背後的概念、科學和工作應該不再那麼令人驚訝。然而,當這段視頻揭示了胚胎階段的糾正是可以完成的,即身體本身被騙去製造所需的器官時,這段視頻達到了一個新的水平。這些數據對於天生有缺陷的人來說是很有希望的,因爲他們現在可以在出生之前糾正這些缺陷。本篇代寫論文 價格文章由澳洲第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

Human Engineering

The Boston Science show on Human organ regeneration by Gary Spencer Adams is both exciting and scary. Electronic regeneration or the rebuilding of organs and tissues are the focus of the audio that shows how the human body can be tweaked and grown in a more perfect way. It is like correcting defects in the human even before they are born. In the current world where technology and science combine to engineer 3d printed organs, the concepts, science and work behind it should not be so surprising anymore. However, this video takes on a new level when it reveals that embryo stage corrections can be done, where the body itself is tricked into making the needed organs. The data is promising for people born with defects, as they can now have it corrected before they are born.

Man plays God

Gary Spencer Adams highlights how ion manipulation is done for the purpose of organ building where the body is tricked into regeneration Man plays God here, as the manipulation of ions can now allow men to choose what organ they want to grow and what organ they want to shunt. If one wanted more teeth, then corrections will be carried out in the sodium ion, just changing the amount of these ions will grow teeth. A neuron does not fire properly, no problem, according to Gary Spencer Adams, the right amount of ionizing will send that neuron firing the right way.

It is interesting that this research offers hope for children with craniofacial deformities. Tweaking an ion here or there could now correct such deformities. No more cleft palates and no more defects in birth is a joyous moment in science, but this area is fraught with ethical challenges as well. Especially considering the lack of clarity and resolution when it comes to understanding how to get it done right. In Adams own words, the research is still in trial and error. For example, in the frog, different patterns are used to grow different organs, sometimes even multiple organs. Defects are triggered in the frog on purpose to just check which ion causes which defect. This knowledge on ions combined with the pharma knowledge of western drugs reveals a lot about how child defects happen at birth. The lack of clarity means much of this research is in the testing stage and it is too early to chide researchers for playing God.