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National theatre of London has been considered to be a post-war architecture that is similar to the structure of nuclear power station. It has been considered to be one of the pioneering forms of artistic expression post the nuclear power station. In the later years, it has been considered to be a form of tribute to the pre war modernism.
According to the Architect, the structure in many ways is a symbolization of the triumph of democracy that existing in the nations. There is an amalgamation of modernist and conventional interpretation of arts that has been found in this piece of architecture.
From a personal standpoint it has been felt that this structure is in many ways a symbolization of the victories felt by the country after the World War. It respects the traditional beliefs and also is able to effectively express the original theme of the place. It is found to celebrate arts both from the traditional times to the current times. There was effective elucidation and precise depiction of the representation of the building. It has been felt that this building is a truly unquiet masterpiece that can be used to represent the beauty of arts. There should be constant restoration of the building to ensure that they are preserved for many more centuries. From critical analysis of the structure it can be said that this is truly a masterpiece in terms of architectural design and innovation. It should be lauded and the genius of the architect needs to be appreciated.
The construction of a post modern architecture is truly wonderful. From analysis of the literature and from personal insight it has been found that the architecture has no real flaws or design elements that are lacking. The only issue that needs to be addressed is following the right protocols to preserve this building with its original integrity. This would emulate the sentiments of the people and the respect for the arts for many more centuries.