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如果产品没有朝着正确的方向推广,没有针对正确的消费者,没有树立正确的形象,那么整个产品的营销计划可能会是一个很大的失败。在Lantic Inc.的案例中,一个关键的促销方面是公司的品牌价值,这在广告的时候是非常突出的。

今年早春,该公司为Roger & Lantic品牌的核心零售线推出了新的图形。这种新的外观增强了货架上的外观&新的新鲜的全国。公司致力于通过引进新的包装和零售产品,不断提高其在销售增值产品方面的竞争地位。


Marketing & Advertising is seen as the most important part of any product in the recent years. With the increase in the awareness and knowledge of the consumers it has become crucial for the products to be advertised properly in order to achieve the ultimate objective of sales & consumer satisfaction.
Currently, Lantic Inc provides various products to its consumers, namely Brown Sugar, Granulated Sugar, Icing Sugar, Jam and Jelly Mix, Liquid Sugar, Organic Sugar, Plantation Sugar, Stevia, Syrups. All these products are marketed in Canada as per the different standards & requirements based on the products end use and purpose. There are many points that have to be kept while marketing. Age of the consumer, end use, industry, etc. to name a few.
When the company looks for expansion via marketing, the most important factor it keeps in mind are the 4 P’s of marketing that including the following.
In case of sugar marketing, the company targets mass promotions as the market of the products is very huge. The consumption of sugar grows with the growth of population. Canada being a developing country, its population is increasing on good level. Developing a marketing strategy acts the basic foundation of marketing plans designed by the company experts along with management, involving continuous testing of these strategies along with implementing all the year round new ideas and innovative ways to portray the product in better and attractive manner. The main goal of any marketing strategy is to make a particular image of the product in the eyes of the consumer so that the consumer can trust the reliability and effectiveness the product, in our case sugar has to be presented in the most reliable and tasty manner, which is also healthy to consume. The marketing cost is a very important aspect to be remembered at the time of marketing.
The price is the main reason for a consumer to buy a product as he will always look for the most pocket friendly product to consume and especially in case of products which are a regular expense.
The geographical aspects effect the marketing adversely. Environmental strategies that are to be followed at the time of formation of marketing strategies have to be kept in mind, to ensure that the product is required as per the climatic changes by consumers & also in terms of production how much the climatic & geographic aspects effect.
If the product is not promoted in the right direction targeting the right consumers and creating a right image, then the whole marketing plans of the product can be a big failure. In case of Lantic Inc., one of the key promotions aspect is the brand value of the company which is highlighted at the time of advertisement.
In early spring, the company launched new graphics for the core retail lines of both Roger & Lantic brands. This new look enhanced the on shelf appearance & new fresh look nationally. The company endeavors to continuously improve its competitive position in the sale of value-added products through the introduction of new packaging and retail products.