Assignment First

本篇代写网站-科技及资讯科技的发展讲了技术进步确实是一个国家发展的积极信号。然而,在短时间内不断修正和改进其技术以与世界竞争,这对所有重工业都是一个巨大的挑战。网络安全是另一个主要的问题,预计在未来将增加。不仅是讨论的行业,所有重工业都暴露在网络安全的风险中。知识产权对任何国家都是重要和至关重要的。行业需要开发系统来对抗这种侵犯其知识产权的网络犯罪。本篇代写网站文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Technological and IT Advancement

Technological advancement is indeed a positive sign for growth of a country. However it poses a great challenge to all heavy industries, to keep revising and improving their technologies in short intervals to compete with the world. Cyber security is another major issue which is expected to increase in future. Not only discussed industries but all heavy industries are exposed to this risk of cyber security. Intellectual property is important and vital for any country. Industries need to develop systems to counter this cybercrime against their intellectual properties.

Pricing Issue

As the world’s economy is growing, the costs of products are equivalently increasing. The key issue faced by all heavy industries is the acquisition of resources and machineries in such highly priced market of raw materials and machinery. When industries pay increased cost of raw material, fuels, machineries and other resources, they cost of product will also increase. The issue that arises here is that there is a massive competition in heavy industries around the globe. The competition is due to the reason that international markets are becoming more approachable to the customers. In such circumstances, industries need to maintain equilibrium between expenditure and prices.

Strategical and Organizational Management Issue

As the culture of international markets are increasing, strategy and planning of a business is becoming a major issue faced by all heavy industries. With the increase global trend the percentage of uncertainty about future metrics of economics has also increased. An industry must design an efficient and fail proof strategy to survive and get profitability in global market. Secondly, in international businesses and industries, the workforce of an industry is usually multicultural, where people with different mind frames are working together to yield optimum output from the industry. This requires professional organizational management in all heavy industries.