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本篇代写文章-空间规划冲突与紧张的案例讲了马格斯菲尔德的莱姆绿色废物转运站是一个主要的废物发展项目。与开发计划的背离也是由这条绿化带构成的。废物发展规划事宜的管治当局是柴郡东议会(CEC)。2011年10月,未经计委许可,通过中电集团自身的发展,开始了该项工作。被推迟的申请曾试图根据主席团成员的建议加以解决。本篇代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Case of Conflicts and Tensions in Spatial Planning: Examples 6: Lyme Green Waste Transfer Station, Macclesfield

The controversy of the development started with the report of officers that states that in the Green Belt the Lyme Green Waste Transfer Station in Macclesfield is a major waste development. The departure from the Development Plan is also constituted from this Green Belt. The governing authority in the waste development planning matters is the Cheshire East Council (CEC). In October 2011, without the prior permission of planning commission the work was started through CEC’s own development. The deferred application was tried to be resolved on the basis of the recommendations of the officers.

According to the release of the local press on 1st February the scheme was abandoned by CEC and that resulted in discomfort among the local residents that included Cllr Hilda Gaddum. The revaluation of the irregularities and shortcomings in the Lyme Green Project were promoted due to the various considerations of the planning application. As a result of the revaluation an internal review was prompted that resulted in the presentation of the report to the CEC’ Governance and Audit Committee. The deliberations on the Internal Report by the Audit and Governance Committee resulted in the cabinet meeting that resulted in Malcolm Illey commissioning as a Designated Independent Person (DIP) for undertaking additional investigation. In December 2012, the confidential DIP report was produced because of the work done during October and December 2012. The non-confidential summary of report was released in June 2013.

It was observed from the findings of DIP report that the senior management acted in a single minded manner and were not willing to tolerate the challenges given by the professional officers and this would have led to increment in the culture of fear. It was also observed that the relations between the Leader and the Chief Executive Officer were also not harmonious. It was revealed from the DIP report that council officers were not willing to provide accurate information to the elected members that discriminated their capacity of scrutinizing and challenges of the project. The relationships between Cllr Keegan and others were consistent and same was the case of relationships between the Leader and the Chief Executive officer. The DIP report accepts that Cllr Hilda Gaddum who was a cabinet member was misled by officers when she saw a bulldozer on site. In October 2011, the first effective consultation was organized by Cllr Hilda. It was after this that the opposition organized and the ways in project was preceding was highlighted.