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人们发现,在当今时代,有古典音乐的影响。这不仅在不知名的媒体中观察到,甚至在主流媒体中也发现了广泛的实践。许多乐队和艺术家选择在他们的作品中表达他们对古典音乐的影响。据观察,像坎耶·韦斯特这样的嘻哈艺术家受到了约翰·布里昂音乐作品的影响。齐柏林飞艇(Led Zeppelin)或缪斯(Muse)被发现使用了受马兹•里奇特(Maz Richeter)、祝你好运(Godspeed You Black Emperor Mono)和莫格威(Mogwai)影响的一些元素。2009年,缪斯宣布他们的下一首作品将以古典音乐为主。马特·贝拉米被发现使用谢尔盖·拉赫曼尼诺夫的作品。沃尔特·墨菲的迪斯科名曲《贝多芬的五分之一》实际上是受贝多芬第五交响曲《欢乐颂》的影响,查克·贝里在演奏《贝多芬翻唱曲》时,发现贝多芬创作的歌曲中也包含了这首歌。

In this section the impact of the classical music in current times has been investigated. For this purpose a number of examples has been proposed “Ode to Joy” is a rendition by Beethoven Suymphony no 5. It has been found that many of the modern day piano teachers and the people who learn music try and emulate these musical notes. This is to essentially show that the musical influences has varied dimensions in today’s world.
It has been found that in the current times there is a influence of classical music. This has been observed not only in the obscure mediums rather it has been found to be widely in practice even in the mainstream media. Many bands and artists choose to express their classical musical influence in their work. It has been observed that hip hop artists such as Kanye West as seen tio be influenced by the musical compositions of John Brion. Led Zeppelin or Muse, are found to use influenced from Maz Richeter, Godspeed You Black Emperor Mono and Mogwai to name a few. In the year 2009 it was announced by Muse that their next compositions would be predominately classical music. Matt Bellamy has been found to use the compositions rendered by Sergei Rachmaninoff. Walter Murphy’s disco hit “ a Fifth of the Beethoven” is actually influenced by Beethovens symphony no 5 “Ode to Joy” Chuck Berry in his rendition of the “Roll over Beethoven” is found to be included by the songs developed by Beethoven.




Many of the musical theories that are in practice today are seen to be influenced by the Baroque style of music. It ha been found that the chords, scales and note that are developed are largely experimental composition or varied renditions of the original classical music that has been previously developed. Owing to this it can be understood that there are many segments of the musical mediums that has its influence from the classical music roots
In the cinemas also there is profound impact of the classical music. Looney tunes uses the classic songs “ Whats Opera Doc?” and the Rabbit of Seville in their musical renditions. The movies Babe, Bronson, Pianist. Spider man, Exorcits there are a number of songs and tunes from the classical era that has been combined with the sciprt. The musical renditions adds to the existing movie theme and complements to the story line. They are found to impact the audiences based on the background music.