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本篇代写 英文-社交媒体对印度年轻人的影响讲了社交媒体已经成为几个年轻人生活的重要组成部分。大部分的年轻人都有社交媒体,他们不关心社交媒体对他们生活的影响。与周围的人相比,社会更关心他们的Facebook好友。有几个积极的方面。然而,使用Facebook、twitter和Instagram等社交媒体网站也会带来同样多的危险。印度有很多年轻人没有任何积极的理由就使用社交媒体,很多人甚至不知道社交媒体网站的功能。本篇代写 英文文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Impact of Social Media on the Indian Youth

The social media widely influences the youths and teenagers. At present, most of the youths use social media for several different reasons. Some use it for social interaction and social networking, whereas many youths use it as a sharing tool for the illegal contents. There are several risks in social media communication, and it cannot be overlooked. The difficulty or lack in self-regulation along with susceptibility to friends and peers pressure makes the young people vulnerable to these type of evils like sexting, Facebook depression and cyber bullying. These are actually big challenges to the society. The causes of cyberbullying are the ambiguity probably on the internet. As per the research scholars, there are two types of people who are likely to be cyber bullies. Some bullies are intended to be popular by their bullying activities. Some get satisfaction when they bully other people. The sexting is the action of sending wrong messages with sex contents and sexually revealing pictures that provoke the other people. Some young boys send this wrong messages to the girls by ambiguous identity and by this process, they get satisfaction. Some want to be popular among the peers by their cyber bullying activities. The offensive content several times causes pain to the receiver (Khare and Ali, 2016).There are several teenage boys and girls who are surrounded by different social media sites. A nationwide survey, by a popular national campaign, to help the teenage girls and unplanned pregnancy discovers that 20% teen who are suffering from unplanned pregnancy are involving in sexting. The young boys find the way out to send sexually explicit messages to the young girls by the aid of social media. On the other hand, the young girls are likely to send inappropriate photos of themselves to the boys in most cases to their boyfriends. It is evident that the boys use the photos to blackmail the girls and misbehave with the girls.

The social media have become an important part of the life of several youths. Most of the youths involve with social media, and they do not bother the effect of social media on their lives. The society is more concerned about their Facebook friend compared to the people who live around them. There are several positive aspects. However, there are an equal amount of dangers, which come with the use of the social media sites like Facebook, twitter and Instagram etc. There are many Indian youths who uses social media without any positive reason and many of them even do not know about the functions of the social media sites (Rani, 2017). They only use it for sharing pornography and illicit sexually revealing pictures of girls that increase the incidents of sexual crime within the society.