Assignment First


我是一个经验丰富的委员会,与一个著名的地方委员会有联系。通过这份报告,可以确定电子设备,如电脑、手机和平板电脑对健康的负面影响,然后加以解决。这些现代设备带来了不可估量的好处,这是毫无疑问的。但是,过度使用电脑、平板电脑和手机也会对商业、教育、健康、心理和社会产生重大影响(Boulos et al., 2014)。本报告基于与健康有关的影响和通过公共卫生运动预防负面影响的有效建议。本报告讨论的主要健康影响包括电磁辐射、高温、蓝光照射及与坐姿有关的健康问题。当青少年过度使用这些设备时,通过对他们进行管教,可以防止他们的健康状况受到负面影响。(Edelstyn & Oldershaw, 2002)。

最近,公众对手机、电脑和平板电脑的负面影响的担忧不断上升,科学家们正在测量它们对健康可能造成的影响,这引起了人们的广泛关注。根据国际电信联盟(international telecommunication union)的报告,从2011年的手机订阅数据来看,公众使用手机的数量已经超过60亿部。这意味着,全球100人中有86人在使用手机。医学研究人员一直在研究健康风险的事实由于更多地使用个人电脑、平板电脑、智能手机的交通事故,电磁辐射,细菌、癌症以及其他健康影响(Nazıroğlu et al ., 2013)。它还会影响与睡眠模式和大脑活动相关的某些风险。本报告的目的是查明健康风险,并提出适当建议,以便为人道主义理由开展强有力的运动。

香港理疗协会和香港PloyU康复科学系研究便携式电子设备的有害健康的影响,个人电脑和平板电脑和调查了超过1000人(Nazıroğlu et al ., 2013)。他们发现,70%的受访者是成年人,30%是儿童和年轻人出现了肌肉骨骼症状。Waderich, Peper, Harvey和Sutter研究了使用这些设备导致的睡眠紊乱率,并用现代生活方式的图形表示进行了说明(Watson, McCarthy & Rowley, 2013)。


I am an experienced council associated with a prominent local council and with this report, the negative impacts of electronic devices, such as- computers, mobile phones and tablets on health can be identified and then solved. Immeasurable benefits are there linked with these modern devices and there is no doubt in it. But, there are also major business, education, health, psychological and social impacts due to the excessive use of computers, tablets and cellular phones (Boulos et al., 2014). This report is based on the impacts related to health and the effective recommendations to prevent the negative impacts through a public health campaign. Electromagnetic radiation exposure, heat, blue light exposure and the health concerns related to sitting and posture are the main health impacts which have been discussed in this report. By disciplining the youngsters and children when it is about too much usage of these devices, the young generation can be prevented from the negative impacts on their health status. (Edelstyn & Oldershaw, 2002).
Public concerns towards the negative impacts of mobile phones, computers and tablets have been rising lately and the possible health impacts are being measured by the scientists which are receiving lots of attentions. Looking at the mobile phone subscriptions statistics by the year 2011, it has been come to the surface that more than six billion mobile phones are being used by the public, as per the report of the international telecommunication union. It means, 86 people out of hundred are using mobile phones worldwide. Medical researchers have been examining the facts of health risks due to the greater use of PCs, tablets, Smartphones in the form of traffic accidents, electromagnetic radiation, germs, cancer as well as other health impacts(Nazıroğlu et al., 2013). It also affects certain risks related to sleep patterns along with brain activities. Purpose of this report is to identify the health risks and to give proper recommendation to create a robust campaign for humanitarian rationale.
The Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association and the Hong Kong PloyU’s Rehabilitation Sciences department have studied the detrimental health effects of portable electronic devices, PC and tablets and surveyed more than 1000 people(Nazıroğlu et al., 2013). They came across the fact that musculoskeletal symptoms were seen in case of 70% of the interviewees who were adults and 30% of them were children and young persons. The rate of disturbed sleep due to the use of these devices was studied by Waderich, Peper, Harvey and Sutter which has been illustrated with a graphical representation of the modern lifestyle(Watson, McCarthy & Rowley, 2013).