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代寫作業-The music form of jazz




另一個問題是爵士音樂家和作曲家無法與所有人交流。爵士樂的起源是由黑人創造的。但是,他們說的語言是不同的。這導致了爵士樂最初的味道被廢除。然而,後來高等文明也采用了同樣的方法。相同的最初意義已經被廢除了。為了提高爵士樂的水平,人們做了許多嘗試。許多短語都是從古典作曲家那裏偷來的,通過添加不需要的不同節奏來使音樂庸俗化的過程。現在人們註意到,由於爵士音樂,世界上有很多外交活動(Wilf, 2012)。它還試圖利用同樣的媒介來對抗世界上的冷戰和其他問題,並利用同樣的媒介來克服世界上的溝通障礙。爵士音樂家所面臨的另一個問題是演奏者在演奏過程中所采用的即興交流的困難。表演時很難同時進行交流。



代寫作業-The music form of jazz。One of the most important forms of music which had a great impact on the modern music is Jazz music. It is one of the most important and vital forms of music which can be seen as the music of both the past and present. Be it the Stravinsky’s Ebony Concerto of 1945 or the Amon Tobin in the 21st century. Jazz music is known for its unique styles, element and practices which are represented by this form of music.
In this research paper the discussion will be concentrated on the past and performance practices, stylistic elements and communicational challenges which have been encountered in these pieces. In addition to this the communication challenges which were faced by Jazz music will be discussed.

In the present times, Jazz music has to face a large number of communicational challenges. In the present times, the Jazz musicians are unable to have effective communication to the audience. They are unable to have the impact of the Jazz music on the people in the way it was done in the past times.
Another problem is that the Jazz musicians and composers are unable to communicate to all the people. The origin of Jazz music was done by Negros. But, the language which was spoken was different. This led to the abolishment of the original taste of Jazz music. Though, later the same was adopted by the higher civilizations. The primary sense of the same had been abolished. A number of attempts have been made in order to increase the level of Jazz music. Many phrases have been stolen from the classical composers and by the process of vulgarizing the music by addition of different rhythms which are not required. In the present time it has been observed that there has been a lot of diplomacy in the world because of Jazz music (Wilf, 2012).It has been also tried to use the same as the medium to fight against the cold war and other issues in the world and to use the same for overcoming communication barriers in the world. Another issue which is faced by Jazz musicians is the difficulty in improvising the communication which is adopted by the performers during the performance. It is difficult to communicate at the same time while performing.
Comparison of score of song “Strange Fruit” sung by Bill Holiday and “Jill Scott” in different performance during different period
Jazz is one of the musical forms which is most difficult and intuitive. Jazz is such kind of music which can be played in different forms. An example of the same is “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, which has been played on such an instrument in such a manner as it is written. On the other hand there are a number of forms where the artists pay a great homage to the songs which are still being paid. Most of the serious Jazz musicians have learned there music styles from the different classical forms. Most of the jazz is based on such a form which is similar to the form of classical theory.