essay代写价格Problems and current issues arising from the implementation of the framework, communicate this analysis and make recommendations solving any problems

The implementation of a standard governance and management framework in the context of handling IT operations could result in issues of its own. A combination of the Cobit and the ITIL framework could be used here.

Primarily, the organization and its employees might view the management solution being presented for IT operations as being disconnected from its normal business processes. This could happen if the IT management rules being presented are not prepared or communicated with emphasis on how they are going to be part of the work culture itself. The processes of the model must not be viewed by the organizational employees as being something extra. They should view it as being integrated with their work system

essay代写价格Secondly, in the context of the implementation of framework, people might have confusion on what role they might play in the new framework. Different internal stakeholders would all have some role to play with respect to the framework. It is critical to help the different stakeholders connect to the framework. In thinking about how to implement the framework, I feel I am stuck for points because the actual implementation and the related issues would vary based on context. A company that is change receptive would approach implementation level issues in a different way compared to one that is change sensitive. The forms of skilled employees in the company, the training need for the employees and more would also play a vital role in how there would be challenges.

The management of the company might not be prepared to face the above challenges and this by itself could be an issue. Where the company is not well prepared then framework implementation might not be successful.

In reflecting on the different frameworks, and so many issues, at the end I believe success is mostly about the people in the organization. How the people are prepared to receive a new technology or make use of it successfully and more are seen to be key requisites. Therefore in order to make use of IT Operations Management frameworks successfully, it is also necessary to revamp the people policies of the organization.