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使用公众愤怒的想法的情况很有用,当局没有采取行动迅速,让罪魁祸首漫游免费,因为这种运动可以加强法律制度和上级必须知道的失败系统和负责任的人(詹森,普利和Taub-Pervizpour, 2011)。Ash很好地利用社交媒体加强了人们对强奸受害者的愤怒,也公开了警方的不负责任。这种认识本身就足以使大多数公民了解这一制度的运作及其在这种情况下需要采取的步骤。如果立法司法制度不能满足受害人的需要,ide将采用公共司法制度。



The use of social media is a very non-threatening way in voicing the concern of a victim who has been denied justice, or is simply discriminated by the authorities in delivering justice. The Anonymous team did a very good job of bringing the perpetrators to punishment in case of Rehtaeh, and they did it without the help of the police. The question arises here about the lack of fruitful action by the police when there was ample evidence in favor of Rehtaeh and against the boys who raped her. The inaction is worthy enough to be investigated and the reasons behind their unwillingness to act must be publicly declared. Such a case can bring in more encouragement to new Anonymous members and teams to come together and support the delivery of justice for victims and punishing the perpetrators (Downing, 2011).
The idea of using public anger is useful in cases when the authorities fail to act promptly and leave the culprits roaming free, because such a movement can strengthen the law system and the higher authorities must know the failure of the system and the responsible people (Jansen, Pooley and Taub-Pervizpour, 2011). Ash has finely used the social media to strengthen the anger for a rape victim and also made public the lack of responsibility of the police. This awareness itself is more than enough to make majority of citizens aware of the working of the system and the steps that they need to take in such cases. The ides is using public justice system if the legislative justice system fails the victims.
I agree with the author that the justice system is not strong enough to make everyone get justice, because some crimes get away and the real culprits roam free and innocents are jailed. Anonymous is a double edged sword and it mainly depends on who uses it and for what purpose, which ultimately determines the delivery of ethical results. However, I disagree with the author about the weakness of online relationships compared with real life ones, because real life relationships may not be healthy and it may be encouraged for some kind of benefit in mind. I personally have less connection with real life friends compared with online friends. The use of social media helps the victims but it also causes negative influences on the girls. Bad memories make them suffer more with time, and I know of a person who has experienced such a situation where social media support had escalated her suffering.