Assignment First

essay代写-“Sweet in the belly” after reading。The book report required summarizing the facts we have read and this report is written on the Camilla Gibb’s book, Sweetness in Belly. The main character of this novel is Lilly and the novel is about the journey of Lilly, her culture, ethic and values. Lilly is a white woman whose descent are British and she raised as Muslim; in her life journey, she comes to identify as Ethiopian (Abu-Lughod and Lila, 2002). Lilly was born to nudist hippies who traipsed around the world, and she does not get a stable childhood. She was abandoned in Africa and clung to Islam, and Lilly did not found consistency in her life that eluded her childhood (Gibb, 2001).
Lilly faced very stressful and conflict situations in her life, starting from her early age. She lost her parents at very early age (Rasmussen and Susan, 2010). At the young age, her journey from Morocco to Harar, Ethiopia also gives her bad experience. In Harar, she is treated as white color women and different from their society, even though she has traditional Muslim head scarves. Later in London, she treated as an outsider Muslim women, which depicts her struggle in every situation. In Harar, she is completely new to the surrounding and she called by the words like “Ferengi”, foreigner everywhere she turns. Due to the safety reasons, Lilly flees to London. Though she has British roots, she is treated as an outsider as she was treated in Harar. Lilly is treated as an outsider in London just because of her Muslim religion. Lilly faced all the situations bravely; in Harar, she used to teach Quran to poor neighbourhood children and all the responses she made in stressful situations are culturally biased.
The author explains the disconnection between Lilly’s past and present life. She cannot make balance in her past and present life and hence her story is full of longing and regret, and the author hoped that time and love will heal her turbulent past.
How the book helps me to work with families from different culture:
The novel weaves Lilly’s experience in Ethiopia with her life in London and novel also talks about her exile existence in gloomy London. Lilly makes strong friendship with an Ethiopian refugee, Amina. Both friends then establish a community association to help reunite family members who have fled Ethiopia.
The main character of the novel faced various challenges while living in different cultured people. As per Lilly’s experience, I feel, working effectively with different cultures is significant in today’s working environment. The first thing I could learn is before forming the perception about anyone; I should become familiar with their family and cultural background. Before dealing with the families from other culture, we should remember that they are also a human being like us and share the similar basic needs and wants. I should make an effort to learn small things about their culture. Through the Lilly’s story, I learned that my cultural approach and views are not the only way to looking at something. Hence, we should respect each other’s culture, values, and beliefs.

essay代写-“Sweet in the belly” after reading。读书报告需要总结我们读过的事实,这篇报告写在卡米拉·吉布的书《肚子里的甜蜜》上。这部小说的主要人物是莉莉,小说是关于莉莉的旅程,她的文化,伦理和价值观。莉莉是一名白人女性,她的血统是英国人,成长为穆斯林;在她的人生旅途中,她开始认同自己是埃塞俄比亚人(Abu-Lughod and Lila, 2002)。莉莉出生在一个到处流浪的裸体嬉皮士家庭,她的童年并不稳定。她被遗弃在非洲,并坚持伊斯兰教,莉莉在她的生活中没有找到她的童年所没有的一致性(Gibb, 2001)。

莉莉从小就面临着生活中非常紧张和冲突的情况。她在很小的时候就失去了父母(Rasmussen和Susan, 2010)。在她年轻的时候,从摩洛哥到埃塞俄比亚哈拉的旅程也给了她不好的经历。在哈拉,她被视为白人女性,与他们的社会不同,尽管她戴着传统的穆斯林头巾。后来在伦敦,她把自己当作一个外来的穆斯林妇女,这描述了她在各种情况下的挣扎。在哈拉,她对周围的环境是完全陌生的,她用“Ferengi”这样的词来称呼,她所到之处都是外国人。由于安全原因,莉莉逃到了伦敦。虽然她有英国血统,但她被当作局外人对待,就像她在哈拉受到的对待一样。莉莉在伦敦被当作局外人,仅仅是因为她的穆斯林信仰。莉莉勇敢地面对所有的情况;在哈拉,她曾经教过附近贫困家庭的孩子学习《古兰经》,她在紧张的情况下做出的所有反应都带有文化偏见。