Assignment First

本篇功課代寫-康德提出的正義義務論講了康德提出的正義義務論認爲,每個人都可以在沒有上帝或社會幫助的情況下做出正確的選擇。義務論有特定的任務。他們中的一些人認爲殺害無辜的人是錯誤的,偷竊是錯誤的,人們應該遵守他們的諾言(Pacillo 393)。這是一套非常確定的指導方針。與功利主義理論不同,它不討論結果,而是集中於爲特定結果所採取的行動。本篇功課代寫文章由澳洲第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

Deontology of justice approach proposed by Kant states that every individuals can make the right choices without the help of God or the help of the society. Deontology has specific mandates. Some of them are that it is wrong to kill innocent people, stealing is wrong and people should keep up their promises (Pacillo 393). It is a very certain set of guidelines. Unlike the theories of utilitarianism, it does not discuss about the outcome rather it focuses on the actions undertaken for the specific outcomes. By applying this theory, the people would say that it is the duty of the mother to safeguard their unborn child. They should ensure that the child is born safely without harm. It does not factor in the repercussions of the act. It states with certainty that killing a fetus is equivalent to killing a innocent person which is wrong. This is a very rigid law that does not factor in other cases (Pacillo 395). Now the question that seems to pervade the minds of the people is to question as to when life begins.

It has been found that many people in societies use this theory to elucidate the notions of pro life standpoint. There are some people who factor in the theories proposed by Mary Ann Warren to analyze as to what constitutes a person.