Assignment First

  本篇功課代寫-企業理念和組織結構講了百思買的結構是一個多部門的結構。它服務於不同的地理區域,幫助推動新的舉措,並促進商業的數字化方式。這是一家美國的公共企業,所有的銷售點都由百思買全資擁有。該公司主要爲客戶提供電氣產品、家用和辦公工具、電子產品以及軟件更新方面的服務。這些是音響、影音播放器、廚房電器、機器等。本篇功課代寫文章由澳洲第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。


  The structure of Best Buy Inc has been a multi-segmented structure. It serves various geographical segments, helps to boost the fresh initiatives and promotes the digital ways of business. The business is a public business of USA where all of the outlets are fully owned by Best Buy only. The business serves in field of customer electrical goods, house and office tools, and the electric gadgets as well as in software updates. These are the audios, video players, kitchen electrical appliances, machineries, etc. To know the structure of BBY, it is necessary to know about the key officials, who are:

  Mr. Hubert Joly, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  Ms. Sharon L. McCollam, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrating Officer

  Mr. Keith J. Nelsen, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

  Mr. R. Michael Mohan, Chief Merchandising Officer


  Best Buy is laying stress on making its marketing approach to further focused, custom-made and applicable client communication. Still it continues with the moving away from conventional TV publicity to more applicable digital marketing. It has applied innovation towards a large information venture known as Athena. This project will focus its future marketing attempts to further custom-made email messaging and offerings. This way, it will allow an extra targeted technique to client-based marketing. This is a part of Best Buy’s vital expansion programmers for the subsequent 2 years. Best Buy possesses one of the biggest storage of client information attained from people, previous buys, history of browsing, localities and demographics. With the start of this venture- Athena, the business strives at enhanced engagement of its clientele for its loyalty agenda and credit card presenting. The Athena scheme is yet at a premature phase and Best Buy looks forward to observe developments in marketing efficiency each quarter.