Assignment First

本篇功課代寫-視覺文化講了考慮到視覺文化的知識可以應用到更廣泛的領域和學科在更廣泛的水平。已經發現,隨着全球化的普及,各個領域對技術的利用都有所增加(Bell & Davidson, 2013)。人們已經認識到,視覺文化把圖像作爲視覺自然體驗的刺激物和獨特的圖形藝術品來單獨審視。本篇功課代寫文章由澳洲第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

It is to consider that the knowledge of visual culture can be applied to the wide range of fields and discipline at a broader level. It has been identified that since the widespread of globalisation, the utilization of the technologies across various fields has increased (Bell & Davidson, 2013). It has been realised that visual culture examines the images individually as stimulants to the experiences of visual nature and as the distinct figural artefacts.

It has been identified from the research and readings that the knowledge of visual culture can be applied to the knowledge management areas of the multinational organizations. However, the visual culture offers evident application for the fields of journalism, advertising, architecture and entertainment. The application of visual culture’s knowledge is not limited by these sectors.

The visual culture can be applied in the form of visual representations for the knowledge management of a corporation (Rose, 2014). The researchers have argued that the organization which transmits the information to the organizational members in the form of documents and study material merely allows them to be cognizant (Bryson et al., 2013). It has been surfaced that through the adoption of the visual culture within the knowledge creation and sharing processes of the organizations, the members can be allowed to obtain the information. This will enable the knowledge to be articulated, evaluated, transferred and experienced (Bryson et al., 2013). It is the graphical visualisation of the knowledge that enabled the organizational members to define the attitudes, adopt positive perspective, maintain positive predictions and develop adequate values.