Assignment First


有大量的政治和法律讨论认为歧视在道义上是错误的,应该予以禁止。由于歧视,一些人不得不在不同的背景下遭受痛苦(Health, 2014)。他们受到伤害,被操纵,被否认。这是一种人的行为,对属于不同类型的突出群体的人具有不成比例的不利影响。歧视人民的主要动机是道德败坏的动机。认为某些种族的成员在道德上不如其他种族是错误的。当一个群体受到歧视时,他们会感到疏远、孤立和受伤。正因为如此,他们面临着许多问题,如缺乏自尊、抑郁和反社会行为。



平权行动的目的可能是消除社会上的歧视。但恰恰相反,它也催生了反向歧视。属于多数群体的人开始对少数群体产生仇恨。在当今全球化的世界中,情况是不同的。为了同歧视作斗争,应该激励属于多数的人。应该要求他们以平等的方式对待属于未成年人的个人。此外,不应通过优先考虑不值得考虑的小班候选人来肯定。许多事件已经观察到,当不值得的候选人被选中而不是值得的候选人仅仅因为肯定。在当今世界,歧视不能通过保留来解决(Osuagwu, 2014)。相反,它需要一个更好的方法。一些更好的方法包括为穷人而不是少数民族提供教育。随着时间的推移,社会结构发生了变化。许多时候,一个少数民族的人与多数民族的人享有平等的机会,并能接受各种教育方式。尽管如此,他还是因为平权法案而受到青睐。应该对残疾人有偏爱。


There are a large number of political and legal discussions where it is considered that discrimination is morally wrong and should be prohibited. Because of discrimination some of the people have to suffer in various contexts (Health, 2014). They are hurt, manipulated and denied. This is an in-human act which has a disproportionately disadvantageous effect on the people who belong to different types of salient groups. The primary motive of discrimination of the people is because of the motive that they are morally tainted. By considering the members of certain race as morally inferior to the others is something which is wrong. When a group is discriminated, they feel alienated, disconnected and hurt. Because of this they face a number of issues such as lack of self-esteem, depression and antisocial behavior.
Is it possible to have affirmative action without preferential treatment?
Affirmative action programs have been aimed to ensure that the people who have been discriminated in the past should get proper access to jobs, education etc. It is not possible to have affirmative action without preferential treatments. There are a number of instances where affirmative actions includes preferential treatment. Selection of the unqualified candidate who belongs to a minority is an instance of preferential treatment during an affirmative action (Susskind et al, 2014). Another preferential treatment is the selection of the students is done when the female or a minority candidate is selected over candidates who have a better record. Thus, while implementing affirmative action, there is a preferential treatment for minorities. So, affirmative actions are not possible without preferential treatment.
Affirmative action may aim to eliminate discrimination from the society. But, on the contrary it also gives birth to reverse discrimination. The people who belong to majority begin to develop a feeling of hatred against the minorities. In the present globalized world the situations are different. In order to fight with discrimination, the people belonging to the majorities should be motivated. They should be asked to treat the individuals belonging to minors in an equal manner. Additionally, affirmation should be not done by giving preference to a candidate of minor class who does not deserve. Many incidents have been observed where when the non-deserving candidate is selected over the deserving one just because of affirmation. In the present world, discrimination can’t be resolved by reservation (Osuagwu, 2014). Instead, it needs to have a better approach. Some of the better ways include the education for poor people instead of minorities. Over the time, the social constructs have changed. Many a times where a person from minority gets equal opportunities to the one from majority and have access to all the modes of education. Still, he is preferred because of affirmative action. There should be preferences for the people who are disabled.