Assignment First


由于这些数据是从公众那里收集的,证明其有效性和可靠性的证据非常少,因此可能必须被广泛接受。这是因为在从公众那里收集大量原始数据的研究中,永远无法获得准确性。所有人给出的答案可能不被认为是正确的和表面上的价值,因为有些人可能只是为了好玩或成为它的一部分,可能不符合他们对同一主题的实际内在思考。这是民族志研究中的一个大缺陷,需要尽可能地将其最小化,将观察作为验证答案的又一个武器(Crary, 1999)。这些都是敏感的问题,在参与者之间将其应用于实际场景之前,必须以模拟的形式彻底应用它们。

研究者收到的答案可以用不同的方式解释,这可能不会导致一个合理的结论。没有什么比相信给出的答案更好的选择了,因为这些答案直接来自于在任何情况下都值得相信的参与者。有效性可以在更大的范围内进行检验,当它与其他参与者的回答的总体趋势相比较时,也可以通过对回答问题的人的深入观察(Denscombe, 2007)。




Since the data is collected from public, the evidence of it being valid and reliable is very rare and it may have to be accepted on large. This is because accuracy can never be received in research where large primary data is collected from public. The answers given by all may not be taken as correct and at face value since some may have answered it just for fun or for being a part of it and might not coincide with their actual internal thinking about the same subject. This is a big flaw in ethnographic research and this need be minimised to whatever level it could, by using observation as one more weapon of validation of the answers (Crary, 1999). These are sensitive issues and must be thoroughly applied in a mock up style before it is applied in the real scenario among participants.
The answers received by the researcher can be interpreted in a different manner which may not lead to a legitimate conclusion. There is hardly any better option other than believing in the answers that are given as they are coming directly from the participants who are to be believed in any circumstances. The validity can be checked on a broader scale when it is compared with the general trend of answers among other participants and also by deep observation of the people answering the questions (Denscombe, 2007).
Besides, the video that is made is always under question as it is made with a particular intention and if that intention is not met then there is something else in the viewers’ mind which the video has not been able to understand. The James Bond character in the video is interesting and makes a good case of more fan following. However, if it is considered through a typical culture point of view, it is to be seen whether the character is really that popular or it is just a euphoric moment due to the presence of other characters who also share the same video. These are never ending interpretations which require a lot of thinking and application of theoretical and scholarly knowledge to make it into a more legitimate topic.
Thus, the research of the character of James Bond in the video is a complex subject as the media exists with a particular intent which is hidden. In addition, the answers of the participants are not completely reliable and valid, indicating a deeper ethnographic observation of culture, media behaviours, and the viewers’ reaction to the films and the character.