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本篇留学 论文代写-有机食品讲了有机食品主要用于广告目的。它们被认为是有营养的,对环境更好。他们被认为是安全的。消费者一想到有机食品就会产生一种模糊的感觉。当消费者以为他们在给家人喂健康食品时,他们会产生一种快乐的情绪。本篇留学 论文代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Producers of Organic Food

Organic foods are used majorly for advertising purpose. They are considered to be nutritious and better for the environment. They are viewed to be safe. The consumer develops a form of fuzzy feels when they think about organic foods. The consumers develop a form of happy sentiment when they assume that they are feeding their family healthy food. This is not the reality in some cases. The process of ensuring that a food is organic is a labour-intensive process and it is costly. The farmers who are the local producers do consider the small farms. They want to be engaged with the system. They care passionately about the farms and the agricultural production from a broad perspective. The farmers want to have a good product for consumption. However, given their resources, they try to develop faster production process and overlook quality. There are many issues in sustainable farming and organic farming that needs to be addressed. The sustainable farmers are different from organic farmers. Currently, the interpretation of organic is found to vary widely. They try to avoid harmful chemicals in their pesticides.

Organic farming traders

The total market size for the organic packaged food in Australia is around the 13th in the world markets. The per capita spending for the organic packaged food and beverage for Australia are around the 16th largest in the world. The largest company based on sales by the organic packaged food industry is Bellamy’s Australia Ltd, Groupe Lactalis and PZ Cussons Plc. There has been a steady growth in the sales for the past few years. There is a 6% growth in 2015. This is found to increase on a regular basis.

Controllers of Organic Trade

The organic certification is considered to have been conducted by several organizations. These are the Department of Agriculture and some organizations. They come under National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce. The organic status of the compound considered to be the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. In Australia, there is no specific standard for organic standard accreditation. They are considered to be a part of the domestic brand. Currently, the big corporations control the organic trade. The small farmers are considered to be over overlooked in the process.

Summary of Sociological Impact of Organic Fruit

Organic agriculture is considered to be a production system that is aimed at sustaining healthy soils. It is about ecosystems and enables the people to prohibit the application of the pesticide and the fertilizers. There is a higher soil quality and reduced pesticide that is leaching compared to the non-organic agriculture. The positive aspects of the biological control service or the emission of the greenhouse gases are less evident. There is a considerable yield gap that is connected between the organic and nonorganic agriculture. These are found to vary based on the region. There are many kinds of environmental risks that are used for the modification to decrease the risks. The organic agriculture is used to be environmentally friendly alternative. However, the individual farmers are to ensure that there is a cash balance. It has been accused that the people in the trade use is as a jargon to make more sales. In cases of completely adhering to the policies, there is a yield gap and financial gap that is observed

These are the important aspect of the organic farming that has been deduced in this object biography.