Assignment First

本篇留学生代写-智力的测量讲了智力的测量只是主观的,不能被量化。人们应该理解社会结构才能理解智力的范围。为了进一步支持这些观点,弗林列举了一些例子来证明测量智力所涉及的问题。从英国营养分析的历史和土耳其城市化的历史,某些问题是明确的(弗林165)。本篇留学生代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

From this it is understood that measurement of intelligence is only subjective and cannot be quantified. People should understand social construct to understand the scope of Intelligence. To further bolster the arguments, Flynn states a number of examples to prove the issues involved in measuring intelligence. From history of nutrition analysis in Britain and from the history of urbanization in Turkey certain issue is made clear (Flynn 165). From using these variables only certain dimensions of intelligence can be assessed. It will change based on the cross-cultural differences and also perceptions held by the different societies. Intelligence is measured only on compare basis in this standard test (Flynn 159). There is an inscrutable element that is used to measure the brain. This cannot be comprehended by any tests (Flynn 159). These examples elucidate the issues involved in measuring intelligence.

Another claim made in Warwick article is about the innate intelligence required to survive. From analysis of historical events it is understood that people should acquire knowledge and skill on a continual basis. Else intelligent species will eventually replace humans. Cross-cultural intelligence, social cognizance and awareness shape intelligence. This has been profoundly discussed in the article “social imagination”. It discusses in detail about the different situations and context as to how intelligence is measured and acquired. Warwick also seems to echo the argument made by Flynn. In the article by Warwick, he has explained the importance of intelligence and the imperative need for species to acquire intelligence. Fundamentally this article serves as evidence about the importance of acquiring intelligence and how the direction of intelligence is shaped by survival instinct. From this the direction of intelligence is shaped by species instinct to survive. Warwick findings can be used as evidence for this argument. The researchers and anthropologists have found that it is the survival instinct by individuals that creates situation where intelligence develops. (Warwick 199). During urbanization of Turkey and during nutritional analysis made by the Britain people the survival instinct of people can be clearly seen (Flynn). In the conclusion of the article made by Warwick, author wonders if humanoid or robots would take over the world (Warwick 213). They will eventually become a more evolved intelligent species (Warwick, 213). From this Warwick alludes how the direction of intelligence will be shaped.