Assignment First



这对银行组织来说是一个建议,以保持银行在亚洲市场发展的平衡风险敞口。此外,为实现区域目标,建议银行组织加强区域互联互通的质量。同时,为了进入市场并提高市场份额,这将是组织增长其金融服务的需要(Burke, 2013)。金融服务的增长和进一步多样化将有助于银行组织加强客户和顾客的基础。这将最终导致本组织收益和收益的增长。


通过风险管理和收益管理,可以提高绩效。此外,这也有利于银行集团改善其客户管理服务,以增加品牌在市场上的价值。这家银行正在为进一步扩张而设立一些合资企业。例如,目前银行组织的最新项目是2016年初在班加罗尔附近的印度开设分行。因此,银行正在更多的国家进行冒险,为了站稳脚跟,银行必须更加关注客户管理部门(Buttle, 2012)。这对于银行团队或高管更深入地了解客户的需求是至关重要的。银行组织将被建议为农业综合企业和基础设施发展制定金融解决方案。为客户管理投资带来的现金流入提供全面的帮助,这是澳新银行2016-2020年竞争战略和领导方式的主要建议之一。


The ANZ aims to establish itself as the super-regional bank on the global platform, and this is the main reason that the banking group is focusing on the markets of (APEA). For this purpose, there are a number of regional strategies which are considered by the management of the ANZ. This would be desirable for the banking group to pursue continuous improvements. Improvements should be from the angle of achieving leadership and effective performance by the ANZ group, not only in the traditional markets but also in the (APEA) region.
This would be suggestible to the banking organization to maintain a balanced exposure to the development of the bank in the Asian market. Further, in order to meet the regional targets, this would be recommendable to the banking organization to enhance the quality of regional connectivity. At the same time, to be in the market and enhance the share of the market, this would be desirable for the organization to grow its financial services (Burke, 2013). The growth of the financial services and further diversification would help the banking organization to strengthen the base of clients and customers. This would finally result in the growth of the earnings and returns of the organization.
From evaluating the performance of the organization, this would also be suggestible to the banking group to develop their super-regional policies and competencies. This is where the banking organization has already considered a number of strategies. The strategies are accounted for the development of the brand and its services in the global market. For this purpose, the banking organization needs to manage the risk management aspect more tightly. The use of more technological hubs can be expected to be more operative for the group for the consolidation of the lending and other financial services.
The performance can be upgraded by the way of risk and revenue management. Also, this would also be preferable for the banking group to improve their customer management services in order to add to the value of the brand in the market. The bank is setting out a number of ventures for further expansion. Such as, at present the most recent project of the banking organization is to open a branch in India near Bangalore during the early phase of 2016. Therefore, the bank is venturing in more countries and in order to have its firm foothold, the bank must focus more on the customer management section (Buttle, 2012).This would be essential for the banking team or executive to have a deeper understanding of the requirements of the customers. The banking organization would be suggestible to develop the financial solutions for the agribusinesses and towards the infrastructural developments. Providing complete assistance to the customers in managing their cash inflows from the investments, these are some of the main recommendations which would be advisable for competitive strategy and leadership approach for the period 2016-2020 of ANZ.