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本篇論文代筆-澳大利亞乳製品講了澳大利亞第三大農產品是乳製品,其農產品淨價值排名第三,出口額排名第四。在2015年到2016年,全國95.4億公升的牛奶生產的最終加工成奶酪根據理論,澳大利亞佔30%計劃粉牛奶和黃油的約29%,大約6%的喝牛奶,奶粉的完整的範圍以及6%的其他產品佔9%像蛋奶,酸奶,每天甜點,保健品和乳清蛋白。本篇論文代筆由澳洲第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

The third biggest Agricultural Commodity in Australia is its dairy products with respect to the farm net value as well as fourth in terms of the export value. In the year 2015 and 2016, 9.54 billion litres of the milk have been produced nationally which was eventually processed into cheese according to the theory, Australia accounts for 30% scheme powder of milk and butter of about 29%, drinking milk of about 6%, full of the milk powder of 6% as well as the range of the other products accounting for 9% like custards, yoghurts, daily desserts, nutraceuticals and whey proteins.

Production has often exceeded domestic consumption in Australia in the dairy farming and their full access to the export markets has been quite critical. Almost 34% of the entire Australian production of their products has been exported in the year 2014-15 involving 65% of all the manufacture dairy products. The article states that along with a direct employment of about 40000 people approximately and even for the processing of the downstream, their industry seems to be one of the major industries in the rural field of Australia. Sensation of the exports to the regions of Asia or the East Asia reflects the Geographic proximity of Australia to these relevant markets and an extent towards which the country is excluded from the major markets through direct restrictions.

Byrne, T. J., Santos, B. F. S., Amer, P. R., Martin-Collado, D., Pryce, J. E. & Axford, M. (2016). New breeding objectives and selection indices for the Australian dairy industry. Journal of Dairy Science, 99(10), 8146-8167.

This article basically comprises an upgraded content of economic values in relation with the theory traits for Australian industry along with the formulation of the upgraded selection indices. The economic model that computes partial values of economic implications for each of the individual trait is developed for determining economic interpretations of the selective breeding of dairy based upon effect of the changes in trade over profit of the commercial farms of dairy within Australia. In this article, selection indices have been developed from the economic values which had been transformed into the base width of economic parameters by involving discounted coefficient of genetic expressions. Economic weights included 1.79, 6.92, -0.10, 8.84, 7.68, 1.07, 1.91, 3.51, 4.86, 2.03 and 0.59 for the milk fat, milk protein, body weight, milk volume, survival, vegetable survival, fertility and pin set. Updated economic rights as presented within the study have constituted basis of definition for the three new and innovative indices. These industries have been developed from the combination of the economic principles, patterns of the farmer preferences regarding improvements in the trade and the desired approaches of games. The three indices can be regarded as balanced performance index, health weighted index along with type weighted index.