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本篇論文代筆價錢-投資分析講了投資分析師有責任向有意投資該公司的人士提供信息和建議。在投資分析中,衡量與股票相關的盈利能力和風險。這樣做的目的是提供一個健全的洞察力,對投資組合的公司。收集、監測、評價財務數據,利用財務模型和比率分析,給出結果。本篇論文代筆價錢由澳洲第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

It is the responsibility of the investment analysts for providing information and recommendations to the people interested in investing in the said company. In investment analysis, the profitability and risks associated with the stock are measured. It is done for the purpose of providing a sound insight on the investment portfolio on the company. Financial data are collected, monitored, evaluated and using financial models and ratio analysis, the results are presented. Both annual and quarterly forecasting are helpful and the investment analysis helped present a detailed representation of the same. Investment analysis can be done as a single bond analysis in a personal portfolio or it could be analysis done with respect to start-up businesses or large-scale corporations. Risk is often the first factor that would be analyzed in investment analysis, followed by others. The reason for risk being the primary factor considered in investment analysis is that the risk occurrence could potentially reduce the value of the stock and have an impact on the resale value. Moreover, it is a factor that is not only linked to internal elements, but also linked with external elements such as market, industry, the government, company etc which has an effect on investments. The company chosen for analysis is Serko. The prime factor of investment analysis is profitability analysis which is done by means of analysis of cash flows and through profit by resale. Cash flow analysis is carried out either by means of dividend analysis with publicly traded stocks or others; this research work carries out a detailed profitability analysis, liquidity analysis, financial structure analysis and broker recommendations.

To company and related industry

Serko is a company listed in the NZ stock exchange. It is a cloud based corporate travel booking company that has developed dedicated software for management of expenses (Bloomberg, 2017). More travel providers in current times are looking to use the internet for their software provisions and third-party solution providers like Serko are in high demand as a result. Serko is an integrated travel booking and technology provider developed by Darrin Grafton and Bob Shaw. Many system challenges occurred when dealing with travel back office systems and the newer software development in Serko was designed to correct. The business developed much faster than anticipated as it was formed during the time the internet revolution took off. Therefore, users used the internet to make their travel choices and Serko and its use were amplified. There were more reasons to gain feedback in order to improve such backend. It became one of the recognized brands in OBT.

Online cloud based travel software solutions are a significant thing in current times as disposable income increases across many countries (Reuters, 2017). For instance, in New Zealand, the gross disposal income per individual has increased which means more travel booking, maintaining of expenses, claims sheets etc. All these backend activities are simplified on the OBT like Serko. Serko is an online cloud based system which in addition supports mobile versions. Mobile versions exist for both the iPhone and the Android devices.