Assignment First

本篇論文代筆-目標小組的研究方法講了研究需要探索的主題和設計問題,將感興趣的目標人羣。項目開發必須確保目標人羣感到舒適的活動。必須進行明確的系統研究,並從資料來源整理重要問題和具體研究問題。目標必須明確,並有助於就方案的具體目標提供深入的數據。已經制定的計劃的目標之一是研究人員必須制定一個行動計劃(Creswell and Clark, 2007)。焦點小組將找到討論兒童認知發展的方法。

The research needs to explore about the topic and design issues that would interest the target population. The program development must be about ensuring that the activities that the target population would feel comfortable. There must be clear systematic research undertaken and the importance issues and specific research questions to be collated from the sources. The objectives must be clear and facilitate in-depth data on the specific objectives of the program. One the objectives of the plan that has been developed is that the researcher must develop an action plan (Creswell and Clark, 2007). The focus group will find ways of discussing about the cognitive development that would occur for the children.

The sample size for the Focus group will be 10 members. They will be young parents who have toddler between the ages of 1 and 2.

Logistical Action Plan and Preparation

The methodology stage is found to have two elements. It is the basic concept building and the logistics to develop the research. In the stage of concept building, the purpose of the study is built. The multinational company such as Lego wants to launch a new product, they can create specific objectives and apply it to a focus group to learn about the marketing of the products. The company can use the focus group to learn about the product dimensions. By calling in the parents to the focus group, they can learn about the end consumer and understand what the children in the newer times actually like about the products. The colours, design and the ways in which the product needs to be marketed can be comprehended from this group. The sample that is selected would be young parents from middle income group for these particular focus groups. Similar to this, the product or the message would be collated from the final objective of the project. The conceptualization stage needs to have a focus group objective that is clear and the concept behind the particular sampling needs to be explained. The participants of the study must contribute to the research in a manner where the researcher can be able to arrive at a solution for the original research question.

The next factor that needs to be in contention is the logistics of the action. The study purpose, study population and the number of participants needed for the sample must be collated. The sample must be a smaller subset of the population. They are not supposed to use probability or random samples. The focus group must utilize the notions of convenience sampling. The sample for the focus group selection is the most important process. They must clearly represent the people the researcher wants to analyse. They must enable the research to gain greater comprehension of the topic. The focus group is found to work best if the sample is between 7 to 12 people. The researcher can use the optimal size to promote the discussion and enable the researcher to effectively converse with the people. The optimal size of the groups will enable the researcher to group on the test. The researcher needs to have around five questions. The questions that are posed to the people must be researched in detail by the researcher. They need to prioritize the important questions that must be considered. The questions that are posed to the people must be open-ended. There must not be Yes/No questions or specific question. It must be manoeuvred in a way that the people can discuss the relevant issues and not deviate from the topic. For example, if Lego Company wants to make sales of children toys, they can ask the parents questions such as “What do you think of this new product launch?” If a question such as “do you like the product?” would limit the discussion and not aid anyone (Wiersma, 2000).