Assignment First

本篇论文代写-澳大利亚合同法讲了澳大利亚合同法适用于Winnie和Eva的情况下形成有效合同。这些条款还包括了酒店在受到任何伤害或损害时的零责任。根据共同条款,Winnie被要求预付50%,并在活动前一周支付剩余50%。本篇论文代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The Australian Contract Law is applied to the case of Winnie and Eva for form a valid contract. The clauses also included the zero liability of the hotel in case of any harm or damage caused. As per mutual clause Winnie was asked to pay 50% in advance and remaining 50% one week prior to the event.

For a contract to be existent one of the parties makes an offer and the other party usually accepts this offer3. Once this acceptance takes place, it becomes binding for the involved parties to follow the rules and clauses that are a part of the contract. In a similar way, the contract between Winnie and Eva took place at the time when the offer made by Eva on the behalf of the Emerald Reef Hotel was accepted by Winnie. At first meet itself, the contract turned into certain legal obligations4. As held in the case of Clarke v Dunraven4, the entry in the race of the terms of Yacht Racing Association (YRA) meant that the competitors had entered into a contract with one another based on these terms. The terms of YRA included that in case of damage to the yacht of any participant as a consequence of carelessness, the negligent was liable to pay for the damages.


Based on the above rule and application under the Australian Contract Law, it is evident that contract was formed between Winnie and Eva who made it obligatory for both of them to follow the clauses that were included in this agreement.