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本篇論文代寫-《公平工作法》講了2009年的《公平工作法》建立了覆蓋澳大利亞大多數私營部門僱主和僱員的國家工作場所關係體系(Abbott, 2011)。工作場所關係框架的關鍵要素是安全、僱傭的最低條款和條件、防止非法和不公平的僱傭待遇以及保護僱員和僱主的自由。本篇論文代寫文章由澳洲第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

Industrial instrument

The industrial instruments are the instrument that has the legal application in respect to the minimum enlightenments to the employees covered by the scope. The instrument states equal wages for the employees, and there should be specific rules and regulations within the organization. The Fair Work Act 2009 establishes the national workplace relations system covering the majority of the private sector employers and employees in Australia (Abbott, 2011). The key elements of the workplace relation framework are safety the minimum terms and conditions of the employment, protection against unlawful and unfair employment treatment and protection of freedom of employees and employers.

National employment standards

According to the National Employment standards, the ordinary hours are the regular and normal hours of work for the employees which do not include overtime rates. The agreements of the organizations set out the maximum ordinary work hours in a week, day or month, minimum ordinary hours work hours in a day and ordinary day hour’s work in a day (Human, 2008). According to the standard, an employee can work in a week of 38 ordinary hours.

Comparison with other instruments

Comparing the entitlements

The minimum ten entitlements of the NES are as follows:

Maximum weekly work hours: The maximum work hour per week is 38 plus additional hours.

Flexible working arrangements: For certain employees, an entitlement for the requesting the flexible working arrangements

Parental leave and entitlements: Unpaid leave up to 12 months for the employees and the right to request additional twelve-month unpaid leave (Stewart, 2012).

Annual leave: Each year, paid leave for four weeks plus an additional week for some shift workers.

Compassionate leave and carer’s/personal leave: Ten days paid carer’s/parental leave, two day compassionate leave and unpaid personal leave for two days.

Long service leaves: The transitional entitlement for the employees in the form of applicable modernized awards and development of the national long service leave standards.

Public holidays: On the public holiday, there would paid day off (Muhoho, 2007).

Redundancy pay and notice of termination: Notice of termination should be up to five weeks, and severance redundancy pay should be up to 16 weeks, both should be based on the service length.

Fair work information statement: The employers should provide to all the new employees that contain information about modern awards, NES, right to freedom association, agreement making, employment termination, union entry rights, flexibility arrangements, business transfer and roles of the fair work ombudsman and fair work commission