Assignment First

本篇論文代寫——管理有效的工作關係講了一名員工向您抱怨,您的團隊中的一些成員沒有在今年的聖誕慶祝活動中努力接納非基督徒。員工感到被排斥和失望,因爲一個讓團隊團結起來的機會反而讓團隊因宗教而分裂。本篇論文代寫文章由澳洲第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

Managing Effective Workplace Relationships

An employee has complained to you that some members of your team have not made any effort to accommodate non-Christians in this year’s Christmas celebrations. The employee feels excluded and disappointed that an opportunity to bring the team together has instead divided the team along religious lines.

How would you address the employee’s complaint?

Ans: There is lack of emotional intelligence and cultural sensitivity among the employees of the JKL Industries and these are the reasons that teams are divided along religious lines. JKL industries should have the policies and procedures that allow the employees to work in cultural diversity. The company should have the policy to not entertain any kind of discrimination on the basis of caste and religion (Bobbitt-Zeher, 2011). In this regard, being the branch manager of the company, I would approach the team directly and talk to the employees about cultural diversity. I would also ensure that in future such types of incidents do not happen and would enforce the strict policies.

To respond to the issue described in question one, you have decided to meet with the team to directly address the behaviour.

How would you prepare for and approach this meeting?

Ans: To handle this situation without any negative impression on the team, I would choose to conduct a group discussion. I would start the group discussion with the disadvantages of cultural insensitivity within the organization among the employees. In this session, I would give my views to the team members and would make them understand that better integration among the employees is beneficial for both the company and the productivity of the employees (Laal & Ghodsi, 2012). This technique of group discussion I had adapted in a previous situation where female employees were denied job appointments in the technical department. I had a discussion with the team about no discrimination policy on the basis of gender (Bobbitt-Zeher, 2011).

As a manager new to the Brisbane area, you feel that you need to develop contacts with people internal to the organisation such as managers and external people, such as suppliers, business networks, managers’ networks and mentors.

How would you approach networking to achieve goals?

Ans: Networking externally and internally is very imperative for a manager of the company. Internal network means communicating and collaborating with the employees of the company and fellow managers of the organization. External networking implies to communicate with the suppliers, customers and other business people outside the organization. As a manager of JKL Industries, I would like to communicate the employees on the daily basis to hear their grievances and to check their performance within the company. I would exchange talks and emails with the suppliers and business managers of the company to know how they would like to work with our company for a bright future (Ibarra & Lee, 2007).