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本篇論文代寫行情-職業認同概念讲了職業認同是一個人在特定的職業環境中所形成的一種不穩定的、持續的、積極的形象。這一身份受到許多因素的影響,如教師的個人原則,學習歷史,經驗,人際交往技巧和教育態度。它被認爲是一個產品和過程。這種觀念重視教師的自尊,重視因外部因素而引起的認知變化。本篇論文代寫行情文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

the identity that acts as the connecting agent between the educator and students. This is actively formed based on the experiences and affinity of students with the teachers. The report focuses on explaining the concept of professional identity and its influence on the educators in the recent times. This can help to review the variations and expectations in learning environments between the two ends. Suitable case studies will also be listed to understand the changes in classroom environments.

Concept of professional identity

Professional identity is an unstable, ongoing and active image about a person in a specific professional environment. This identity is influenced by a number of factors like teacher’s personal tenets, learning history, experiences, interpersonal skills and educational attitudes. It is regarded as a product and process. This concept places importance on the self esteem of the teacher and the perception changes due to external factors.

There is a vast change in the perception of professional identity since the past. As per the statistics taken in 2013, it is noted that over 30-40% of teachers quit the profession within 5 years due to high pressure and stronger demands. This situation shows that beliefs, practices and values are central to commitment and internal and external actions within classroom environment. Majority of the learning environments these days focus in shaping professional identity of teachers to encourage conscious engagement and a cordial relationship among mentors, educators and their peers.

Pillen et al. (2013) speak about the tensions that happen in professional identities across 3 themes. People find it harder when they had to transition from a student to a teacher. This requires accountability and involves adequate pressure as the person is recognized as an expert. There are also conflicts faced by the teachers when they shower their support to students. Such people are forced to maintain emotional distance and regard them as mere learners and not as individual persons. From learning to teach, the shift is difficult for many to handle and this raises a question on the maintenance of professional identity.