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本篇論文代寫價格-房地產項目讲了本報告的目的是進行項目可行性研究,在昆士蘭州Carindale的黃金地段建設一個住宅複式公寓。據估計,該地區有1.5萬多名居民,人口在最近幾年纔開始增長。因此,這裏是開發的理想地點。本篇論文代寫價格由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The purpose of this report is to conduct project feasibility study for the construction of a residential duplex in a prime area of Carindale, Queensland. It is estimated that the location has over 15,000 residents and the population has only been on rise in the last few years. Hence, this location is ideal for the development.


The goal is to determine an ideal land that can be used to construct duplex houses and make as much equity as possible out of it.


– The variations in the land value might affect the valuation and the sales rate to the customers.

– The legal costing to purchase and make it outright

– Competition and people related factors that might hinder the development

Project feasibility study

The proposed location is Carindale and the land address is 28 Liancre Cres. The total land size is 601 sq m. It is a plain land on the hilltop (Home Sales, 2017). There are many advantages that make this land saleable. These include the proximity to freeway, golf court, schools and shopping center. The demographic analysis also shows that the neighborhood comprises of over 10,530 population out of which 2,254 people are professionals. They earn about $1286 per week. Out of 10,000+ population, over 4,288 people fall between the age groups of 1 and 19 years. There are adequate houses in the vicinity and very few are vacant. This data particularly shows that people are keen to purchase new properties and they have the earning potential, too.

The guidelines are as per the data of Brisbane City Council. The nearest regional center is located at 1151 Creek Road and is inside the Westfield shopping center in Carindale. The city council supports towards local laws, compliance, enquiry of rates and applications. These can be used to complete the purchase process. The purchase costs are quite high but relevant to the returns that the land can give. The land is priced at $530,000 for which the transfer cost is $1371. The mortgage rate is $181. For the proposed land, it is observed that the stamp duty is as high as $16,975 (Brisbane City Council. 2017).