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本篇论文代写价格-艺术产业讲了许多杰出人士定义了艺术产业。大卫·霍克尼是广受好评的艺术家之一。他在艺术界有不正当的影响。大卫·霍克尼是一位英国版画家、艺术家摄影师和舞台设计师。他对自己的艺术有创新和独特的表现。他被认为是20世纪60年代波普艺术运动的重要人物。他是20世纪有影响力的英国艺术家。本篇论文代写价格由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

A number of eminent people had defined the art industry. One of the critically acclaimed artists was David Hockney. He has undue influence in the art world. David Hockney is an English printmaker, artist photographer and stage designer. He had innovative and unique presentation of his art. He is considered to be an important person to the pop-art movement in 1960s. He is an influential British artist of the 20th century (Hockney, 2001). Moreover, he is renowned for the depictions of the swimming pool and landscapes that are around Los Angeles and is known for his seminal work “A Bigger Splash” in 1967.

The purpose of this analysis is to understand the different themes, analogies, techniques and ideological works of Hockney. A more detailed account of the works that was developed by Hockney has been elucidated in the following. As an inception step, the overviews of the works of the artist have been listed in the following.

Hockney Overview

Hockney’s oeuvre works are collated from collaged photography and the Pop Art posters. In Hockney’s work it is observed Cubist abstractions and air painting of the English countryside are portrayed. Added to this there are the works of the printmaking and iPad drawings. Hockney states that many of the works are inspirations of Picasso and Matisse. A distinctive and unique side is evident in the works. The different perspectives are epitomized in the works. He lives in California in the United States and in Yorkshire United Kingdom. He states that living in these two places provides him with unique inspirations of life. In 2017, the artist was considered to be a paradigm shifting artist. He has his works presented in the Tate Gallery in London. He also has works presented in the “The Museum of Modern Art in New York”, “Paul Getty Museum” in Los Angeles United States and “Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum” in Madrid Spain. These are some of the works of the artist collection. Many eclectic works of the artist are presented in many of the museums and galleries across the world.

One special work of the artist was A Bigger Splash, which was developed in 1967. A more detailed account of this work has been explored in the following. The reason for using this particular piece is that it provides a detailed overview about the unique presentation of the artist.