Assignment First

  本篇论文代写-耐火粉末讲了从研究中得知,这种材料的市场并不是很大。它在全球拥有大约1亿美元的市场。然而,一种创新的产品仍有推出的空间。我们还发现,许多制造商将耐火粉末(氧化锆)洒在setter板上,然后将其放置在火上。该工艺过程繁琐,在陶瓷薄片上的性能较差。本篇论文代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  From the research, it was obtained that the material’s market was not very big. It had a market of about $100 million across the world. However, there was room for an innovative product to be introduced. It was also found out that refractory powder (zirconia) were sprinkled by a number of manufacturers over the setter plates and then the piece was deposited on the top of the fire. This process was laborious and its performance on the thin ceramaics sheet was poor.

  The feeding of the market research is often developing the product. In this context, when the understanding was established with regards to the handling of the problem by the manufacturers in relation to the parts being stuck together or during the process of sintering the setter plates, it was seen that there were several features that were potentially attractive to the manufacturers.

  Firstly, it was possible for the manufacturers to integrate the large rolls of paper that could be produced into the process of production. Secondly, a magnitude of uniformity could be provided by the sheets. The attainment of this could be obtained by the sprinkle of setter sand on the setter plates. Their parts’ surface quality could be improved with this process by the manufacturers. Thirdly, there was realization that there could be stacking of their parts by the manufacturers, with placing of the release paper in between so that they do not stick together. This resulted in enhanced efficiency because through high temprature furnace, more parts could be sent at one time. These benefits had become key features of the product’s marketing strategy. The realization of these early on was made possible with the study of substitute products in the form of setter sand and the market that were currently used by the manufacturers. There was also realization with regards to the complimentary products and the probability of the product in question to be one for some manufacturers. There were certain manufacturers that had been using exotic or expensive setter plates as help could be obtained from the release sheet in keeping contaminates from the diffusion from the setter plate’s parts in the time of firing. The lesson was learned that there was imporatnce in having an open mind when market research is conducted by the consideration of the opportunities with respect to the product that was not probably considered before (Landstrom, 2007). In the initial part of the product development, the market research is a discovery process. On the other hand, at this stage, it is tempting for the new opportunities to be embraced and abondoning the old opportunities. This mistake was commited in this project initially that allowed the new opportinities to be distracting the old ones.