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本篇論文代寫-消費者價值的概念講了消費者價值的概念有很多定義。這可以定義爲客戶對評估產品屬性的偏好,以及在實現目標和目的的過程中產生的結果。發現客戶的價值視圖與客戶的目標和目的是一致的。價值概念可以理解爲對公司爲消費者提供的產品和服務的評估。除此之外,企業還應該考慮品牌之間的關係在這一過程中所扮演的角色。本篇論文代寫文章由澳洲第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

In this article, there has been analysis of the marketing implication of a particular product and the pivotal role of the service provision of the products. This has been found to have an impact on the content and the scope of the marketing products in the customer and supplier interactions (Grönroos, and Ravald, 2011). It has been found that the customers are integral for the process of creation of value of a product. There are five service logics that have been found to have an understanding of the process of the value creation and for its implication in the marketing.

Purpose of this analysis is to look into the details of these services and understand about the pivotal role of the customers in this process of service marketing.

Critical analysis of the value creation networks

There are many definitions for the notions of consumer value. This can be defined as the customer’s preference for the evaluation of the product attributes and the consequences that derive from this process of achieving the goals and purposes. The customer views of value are found to be aligned with the customer’s goals and purposes. The notion of value concept can be understood as an assessment of the product and the services that have been rendered by the companies for the consumption of the consumers. Apart from this, the companies should also consider the role of relationship between the brands in this process. The goals of the product are to create a process that enhances the intrinsic value of the product. This should be in addendum to the utility of the product. The exchange value of a product is not determined by the utility rather, it is determined by the process of supply and demands. The newer product development process is a value appropriation process. In the modern paradigm, the notion of product innovation is involved in enhancing of the benefits for the use value of the customers (Lee, 2014). This is considered to be the key concept of growth and sustenance of the company. There are more requirements for the companies to deliver according to the dimensions of the customers. The customer perception of the product enables the company to deliver the services. The companies i.e. the suppliers try to assess the values of the consumer value of the product before they make the sales and after sales. Value is found to be perceived at various levels. It is important in understanding of the customer value as the first step in delivering customer value. The suppliers need to have a paradigm that would enable the creation of positive values of product. They should have the mandatory requirements to understand the changing dynamics of the consumer. To elucidate with an example, in the case of airline, it has been found that the companies derive the concept of value based on the services accepted by the consumers. This is before the in-flight experience for the consumers (Lee, 2014). These are the general ways in which the consumers add value to the services. It cannot be denied that in the modern era the people in general tend to change their perception about a product based on the market dynamics of the situation. Nevertheless, there needs to be continual revival of the procedures of the companies to react with the consumers and understand the heuristics of the processes. Hence, the companies should regularly define the metrics to reach out the consumer base. This is the main issue in contention for the companies. This use value of the product is derived from the perception associated with the product. It has been found that this aspect has been clearly defined in the research article in focus. The companies in the modern era need to work with the consumers by reaching out to the consumers using the right models to determine the use value of the product. The portals to reach out to the consumers, needs to be the main issue in focus by the companies, they need to however change the route in connecting with the end consumers (Lee, 2014). This would enable in providing of the services and assuaging the concerns of all the stakeholders involved in the process.

From analysis of the article with the external resources, it can be found that the concept of value depends on the use value of the consumers. This use value is found to regularly change based on the mandates of market dynamics. The same principle can be used to understand about the dynamics of product innovation