Assignment First

  本篇論文代寫-新產品開發講了新產品開發最關鍵的階段之一是市場測試或概念測試。這個階段包括定性和定量的方法來檢查消費者對新產品的想法的反應。這是在將產品投放市場之前完成的。有時這些方法也被用來改變消費者對市場上現有產品的喜愛和偏好。可以用來進行概念測試的方法可以從焦點小組、個人訪談到一般的實地調查。對新產品概念的評價也採用了多種定量方法。這篇論文代寫文章由澳洲第一論文assignment first輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  The questions should be modelled in a way that they create clarity in the products’ concept. The general questions for Uncle Tobys management to ponder before launch of new products are as follows:

  About the Product:

  Cost effectiveness of gluten-free meals.

  Possibility of delivering as promised.

  Methods of ascertaining absence of gluten.

  Medical research required to produce such product.

  Quality assurance for the food.

  Product prototype numbers.

  Packaging and branding ideas.

  Necessary licenses and approvals regarding new product.

  About the Consumers:

  Number of consumers of gluten-free products.

  Whether the product consumption is area specific.

  Possible consumers market share.

  Acceptance of idea of mini meals.

  Popularity of ready-to-eat products.

  Does consumers preference changes into sale.

  What size and packaging would attract maximum consumers? (Garaita & Kennedy, 2000)

  By acknowledging these questions Uncle Tobys can ascertain the market and possibility of success or failure of gluten-free ready –to-eat mini meals.

  Analysis of a suitable concept testing technique

  One of the most critical stages of New Product Development is Market Testing or Concept testing. This stage involves both qualitative as well as quantitative ways to examine consumer response to the idea of the new product. This is done before placing the products in the market. Sometimes these methods are also used to change the consumer’s liking and preferences about the existing products in the market. The methods that can be deployed to conduct concept testing can vary from focus groups, personal interviews to general field survey. Several quantitative methods are also used to evaluate the new products’ concept.