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在发达国家和发展中国家,劳动力失衡都是一个值得关注的问题。这一切都是关于根据战略业务目标正确规划劳动力需求。人力资源方面的任何变更都必须与企业的战略业务计划和目标保持一致。可以看出,中小型企业通常更喜欢定性的方法来确定他们的劳动力需求,如Delphi技术和名义组方法(, 2012)。

最早的理论家之一是弗雷德里克·泰勒,他连同他的相关研究工作过程和单个工人完成某项任务所能达到的生产力。因此,泰勒提出了一个科学的管理原则,他在其中提出,这不是一个有效的方式,以达到一个优化和更好的结果,从分配的工作个人的压力。他认为管理者和员工必须相互合作,共同工作,优化和简化工作要求,以提高生产力(, 2015)。



Growth is always regarded as the underlying essence of any organization. The organizational life cycle is so complex that it has to go through various stages which involve growth, stability or retrenchment for overcoming the bad phases of the business cycle. The retrenchment strategy is the one which is used by corporations and organizations for reducing the diversity and the overall size of the working procedures of the company. This strategy is mostly applied for cutting down expenses with the goal of becoming financially stable in the business. This strategy also involves withdrawing certain markets from the discontinuation of selling certain services or products for achieving a better turnaround time. It is evident that growth and retrenchment holds their specific importance and their incorporation into any business impact the financial performance both high and low. The employees also have to go through terrible phase of changes but still they have to face the struggle and continue work with complete sincerity and devotion (Rasheed, 2013).
Imbalances created in workforce are a point of concern both in developed and developing countries. It is all about planning the workforce requirements properly in accordance with the strategic business objectives. Any change which is required in the human resources must be kept aligned with the strategic business plan and goals of the business. It is observed that small and medium sized companies usually prefer qualitative approach for determining their workforce requirements such as Delphi Technique and the Nominal Group Method (, 2012).
One of the earliest theorists was Frederick Taylor who along with his associated studies the work processes and the productivity an individual worker can attain for completing a certain task. Hence Taylor proposed a scientific management principle in which he proposed that it is not an efficient manner to pressurize an individual for attaining an optimized and better result from the work assigned. He was of the opinion that manager and the workers must cooperate with each other and work along for optimizing and simplifying the work requirements for increasing productivity(, 2015).
The principles and procedures defined by scientific management have made the powerful impact both on employees and on the company’s management which has increased the efficiency of the organizations. One of such application is done mostly in fast food restaurants where bonus system is introduced for encouraging employees for better performance and work smartly for attaining the standards defined internationally.