The initial intend is to generate a strategy to increase the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of a country for the next fifteen years. To maintain this strategy government has embarked the funding of $ 2 billion.

The committee discussed in a previous meeting that to raise the percentage of enrolment in secondary school funding of US $ 2 billion must be dedicated to policy measures. The committee also estimated that this funding will increase the 10% rate of enrolment in secondary school.

However, the country had experienced a financial collapse from the time when previous meeting of  committee was held. Argument is made by the committee that by giving support on financial crises at present, shrinking of bank’s balance sheet can be stopped and can maintain a lively banking sector.

Approximately the rate of private credit will go down from 0.52 to 0.38, but it will be possible only if they will dedicate the investment of US $ 2 billion to the banking sector.

It has to inspect that which sector (secondary education or banking) will be more helpful to improve the country’s GDP when funding US $ 2 billion on it.