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本篇纽卡索论文代写-泰坦尼克号展览讲了在悉尼布里昂肯尼迪厅娱乐区举办的泰坦尼克号展览。这项研究描述了这次展览如何将泰坦尼克号的真人大小的复制品与它最后一次在北大西洋旅行的难忘事件相结合。这次展览在世界各地巡回演出之后,第一次来到澳大利亚。本文旨在评估此次活动在与观众沟通方面的成功。在这方面,还讨论了各种舞台元素的贡献,如场地、餐饮、装饰、声音和表演。本篇纽卡索论文代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

This essay discusses about the Titanic exhibition held in Sydney, Bryon Kennedy Hall, Entertainment Quarter. The study describes how this exhibition mixes Titanic’s life-sized replicas with memorable events of its last journey in North Atlantic Ocean. After touring all over the world, this exhibition has come to Australia for the very first time. This essay has been prepared to evaluate the success of this event in connecting with the audience. The contribution of various staging elements like venue, catering, decorations, sound and performance, have also been discussed in this context.

The Event – Titanic Exhibition in Sydney

The event analysed in this essay is Titanic exhibition held in Sydney for the first time ever. This travelling exhibition tells the story of Titanic’s descent to the depths of Atlantic Ocean, after colliding with an iceberg, on 15th April 1912. The exhibition follows a theme wherein the tickets provided to guests are similar to the original passenger passes of Titanic. As people leave the exhibition they would come to know whether they are among the 1500 people who died in that ill-fated accident or the 800 people who survived. The idea is to give people a real-life experience of being on the majestic Titanic (Nafziger, 1999).

The exhibition has tried its best to recreate replicas of the ship’s splendid interiors with several artefacts such as cutlery served to the first-class passengers.

Purpose of the event and Target audience

The exhibition’s purpose is to showcase Titanic’s grand life at sea, though a short lived one. It displays over 300 artefacts which are almost 100 years old. It has marvellously featured the luxurious recreational features of the ship like its grand staircase, first class cabin, lights, sounds and even smell, as it was on the ship during its first and last voyage (Price, 2016). To the delight of visitors, the exhibition features an actual encounter with an iceberg. All these attractions have been designed to transport the visitors back to 1912 and give them an experience of Titanic’s opulent comfort and grandiose.

The exhibition appeals to all age groups but is a must see for students, historians, families with children and fans of Titanic’s timeless story as has been beautifully described in James Cameron’s blockbuster movie – Titanic. In addition, many memories from the movie are on display in this exhibition including the famous necklace- “Heart of the Ocean” (Titanic the Exhibition, 2017).

Since the target audiences are mostly children, young students and families, the exhibition passes have been designed in a way that they correlate with passenger tickets of Titanic, back in history. These passes contain personal information about the First Class, Second and Third-Class Titanic Passengers and their life on board. The experience reaches its climax point where visitors learn about their fate as per their passenger ticket and chills of the cold morning of 15th April 1912, in the Memorial Gallery (Price, 2016).