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在期望高于实际表现的情况下,就会形成一个缺口。这就导致了消费者的不满。已经建立了一些理论模型来系统地分析个别公司的服务质量。SERQUAL模型阐述了五个主要因素的重要性。可靠性、有形物、保证、同理心和响应能力是企业发展整体服务质量时应考虑的五个主要方面。在上述五个因素中,都有可能出现差距。酒店业,尤其是酒店和餐馆应该解决差距(Kandampully, Mok,and Sparks, 2001)。

酒店或餐饮服务行业的市场营销、沟通和品牌塑造非常重要。为市民提供优质服务固然重要,但培养市民对优质服务的认知亦同样重要。这是因为消费者在旅行时重视情感方面(Park and Allen, 2013)。应该更加重视发展与消费者的积极交流。在很多情况下,人们发现有很多游客是第一次来这个地方。如果酒店为他们提供指导,让他们享受这个地方,他们就能获得更多的优势。


Importance of quality was observed during the stay at Hilton group of Hotels in Scotland. During the stay at Hilton Dunkeld House the pre services, services rendered during the stay and post service was observed. Initially when the vacation was decided, there was a search undertaken about the different hotels within the stipulated price range. It was found that in this particular case Dunkeld hotel had good reviews and offered the services that were expected. It was assumed that there would be positive memories made in this place. During the stay it was found that the staffs were pretty hospitable and friendly. There was a concierge who directed to the various tourist locations that were found in the area. Post stay the stay the staff collected feedback reviews. This whole process led to the realization the importance of customer service and quality of services rendered to the end consumers. Owing to this good reviews were posted in Trip Adviser website for other tourists to enjoy this hotel.
Quality Service analysis of hotels
In cases where expectations are greater the actual performance there is a gap that is formed. This subsequently leads to consumer dissatisfaction. A number of theoretical models have been developed to systematically analyze quality of services of the individual companies. SERQUAL model states the importance of five main factors. Reliability, tangibles, assurance, empathy and responsiveness are the five major facets that businesses should consider for developing a holistic service quality. In all of the five factors that has been stated there is a possibility of gaps to occur. Hospitality industries esp. hotels and restaurants should address the gaps (Kandampully, Mok,and Sparks, 2001).
Marketing communications and branding of a hotel or restaurant service industry is important. While it is importance to provide high quality service to the people it is of equal importance to develop the perception of high service quality. This is because consumers give high value to emotional aspects while travelling (Park and Allen, 2013). More importance should be given towards developing positive communications with the consumers. In many instances it has been found that there is many of the tourists are first time visitors to the place. If the hotels provide them with guidance to enjoy the place more leverage could be gained.