Assignment First


Identification of organizational leadership case study and description of strategic challenges

Organizational change submits to a situation whereby an organization accepts a new strategy. In this path, it carries out its activity and management for the betterment or removing a major section or an operational department. When any organization is going to evolve for the growth, then this change can happen. This change is very significant and very crucial process for the organizational. This strategic leadership is avoiding the negative impact of alters to the company. This is a very optimist and satisfying process (Bratton, 2007). The strategic leadership is extremely cored in the method of organizational change to embrace. A challenge duty is faced by the leader and manager to accomplish the changes successfully. The significant change is depicted in which some realize beyond our expectations while others struggle a lot and are unsuccessful.

The servant leadership is a part of the Strategic Leadership. Servant leadership has been considered for BMI Healthcare in this section of the essay. The organization can obtain their mistake by this servant leadership. This organization can observe the void of the healthcare. The previous organizational strategic can be changed by the organization instead of the new one. The most vital parts of this servant leadership are the satisfaction of the patient. In the servant leadership, patient satisfaction is essential parts. This BMI Healthcare was suffering from lack of patient and small environment. For these problems, the members of the leadership team and the CEO are tried to suggest changing the cultural of this healthcare (Burns, 2012). This healthcare has to improve the quality of the medical equipment, the environment as well as the overall performance. In this servant leadership, the strategy of the people is needed to create a great place to work and grow with caring their health. It also a very enhance engagement and eventually improves experience of the patient. Regarding the fulfilment of organizational goals and objectives, the organization makes its development by the servant leadership theory. According to the report, it describes some important facts such as the agility of leadership about the planning of development which is based on their measure of the production of the progressive activities specifically and implementation of the planning. The servant strategic leadership is different in the UK government from the US government. The UK government can make a different between the previous and current several strategic leaderships. The concept of the BMI Healthcare can be changed by the new servant strategic leadership. This changing new idea can quickly increase the efficiency of the healthcare and it can attract more people to their healthcare. For this reason, the cultural treatment can be charged, which increases the patient.

As mention above, the healthcare’s new people approach was designed to address the key drivers of engagement. It is too dangerous to improve engagement when each of the mechanism would establish for this strategy (Caligiuri, 2013). In the future, the idea of the servant leader based approach depicts the casual meeting which can introduce the organization across the world with the help of forming leaders of minor groups. The ability which is based on the servant strategic leadership is essential for any healthcare. The perfect concept of current leadership can be got by the organization from this leadership.

The leadership style should be matched with the organization features and its existing requirement. The leadership style must fit for the future purposes as the leadership have to run the organization with his/her leadership capability. Thus, the leadership must be efficient to address the future plans and expected potential changes which may take places in the near future.