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research paper 代写-Ricardo and malthus。Ricardo and Malthus disagreed with many important notions of the economic theory. Malthus defended the landlord and accused the capitalists for gluts in society. He pointed towards the fact that increase in production and would lead to decrease in demand for the product. Subsequent to this economy will be affected (Hunt & Lautzenheiser, 2011, p. 74). Malthus considered the landlord to be imperative people required for the sustenance of the economy. Both Ricardo and Malthus were sympathetic towards the laborers. There however did not agree on who wrecked havoc to the economy. Both these economists agreed theory of rent concept (Hunt & Lautzenheiser, 2011, p. 74). Even Karl Marx agreed to the how cost of production was dependent on the theory of productivity.
Bentham, Say and Senior basically devised their theories from the notions of Ricardo and Malthus. These theories form important precursor for neoclassical economy. Intellectual foundation of Utility theory is built on mental acumen of laborers to handle tasks and the pervasive generalization of notions that existing in the societies. According to these economists, capitalistic was a natural human emotion that would always exist in the society (Hunt & Lautzenheiser, 2011, p. 126). People are drawn to making more money and hence capitalistic notions would always exist in the society irrespective of the events. This essentially states that people are drawn to find ways to increase profits. It is based on five integral factors it has been found that these factors are individualism, self-centered utilitarianism, dependence on market events, supporting of maximizing industrialization and computing rationalism. This had marked economists to devise social harmony theories. From analysis of the theories Bentham stated on the need for governmental interferences to ensure that there is societal harmony. Bentham and Malthus stated that reduction of production leads to increase in unemployment. Bentham changed ideology from Laissez faire capitalism to collectivism. Economist Say argues with notions of Malthus essentially stated that money is only a tool of exchange. People will procure products for their utility essentially. They do not want products that have no value for them. People are using this money as a notion to exchange products of value and utility.
William Thompson and Thomas Hodgkin explanation of contemporary economics are explained below. Industrialization had led to total destruction of worker rights. Technological developments lead to workers being replaced in factories. Capitalistic greed had turned into anarchy in the societies. Men use a system of oppression of the working class to control the working class (Hunt & Lautzenheiser, 2011, p. 154). This ensures the sustenance of the capitalists.
Hodgkin’s notion of labor conditions was one of the major factors to cause Nassau senior movements in the societies. Thompson accepted labor theory of law. He basically stated that the capitalists in the society did not contribute for the growth of the society. It would be different if people were given the same level playing field to achieve based on their talents. Instability of capitalism had led to instability in economy this led to higher unemployment rates and poverty in society. Thompson stated that people used grotesque means to acquire wealth in the capitalistic system.
Jevons, Menger, Walras proposed marginalism concept. In this concept there was more importance given to marginal value of goods. This was not based on utility rather it was based on the satisfaction it helps individuals derive from procuring the product (Hunt & Lautzenheiser, 2011, p. 251). This states that products and events are factored by the subjective needs of the product. Extension of the argument proposed by Say, Senior and Bentham. This also led to formation of obscure mathematical and economic theory notions.

research paper 代写-Ricardo and malthus。李嘉图和马尔萨斯不同意经济理论的许多重要观点。马尔萨斯为地主辩护,指责资本家在社会上贪得无物。他指出生产的增加将导致对该产品需求的减少。接下来的经济将受到影响(Hunt & Lautzenheiser, 2011, p. 74)。马尔萨斯认为地主是维持经济发展所必需的人。里卡多和马尔萨斯都同情劳工。然而,在谁破坏了经济的问题上却没有达成一致。这两位经济学家都同意租金概念理论(Hunt & Lautzenheiser, 2011, p. 74)。甚至卡尔·马克思也同意生产成本是如何依赖于生产力理论的。

赛义德和赛义德的理论基本上是根据李嘉图和马尔萨斯的观点提出的。这些理论构成了新古典主义经济学的重要先驱。效用理论的知识基础是建立在劳动者处理任务的心理敏锐性和对社会中存在的概念的普遍概括之上的。根据这些经济学家的观点,资本主义是一种自然的人类情感,永远存在于社会之中(Hunt & Lautzenheiser, 2011, p. 126)。人们被赚更多的钱所吸引,因此不管发生什么事,资本主义的观念总是存在于社会中。这本质上是说人们被吸引去寻找增加利润的方法。基于五个整体因素,分别是个人主义、以自我为中心的功利主义、对市场事件的依赖性、对工业化最大化的支持和计算理性主义。这标志着经济学家们开始设计社会和谐理论。通过对边沁理论的分析,阐述了政府干预的必要性,以确保社会和谐。边沁和马尔萨斯指出,生产的减少导致失业的增加。边沁将自由资本主义的意识形态转变为集体主义。经济学家赛义德认为,马尔萨斯的观点基本上表明,货币只是一种交换工具。人们购买产品本质上是为了他们的效用。他们不想要没有价值的产品。人们用这些钱来交换有价值和实用价值的产品。

威廉·汤普森和托马斯·霍奇金对当代经济学的解释如下。工业化导致了工人权利的彻底丧失。技术的发展导致工厂里的工人被取代。资本主义的贪婪在社会上已变成无政府状态。男人利用对工人阶级的压迫来控制工人阶级(Hunt & Lautzenheiser, 2011, p. 154)。这就保证了资本家的生计。


杰文斯、门格尔、瓦尔拉斯提出了边际主义的概念。在这个概念中,商品的边际价值更为重要。这不是基于效用,而是基于它帮助个人从购买产品中获得的满足感(Hunt & Lautzenheiser, 2011,第251页)。这说明产品和事件是由产品的主观需求构成的。延伸了萨依尔和边沁提出的论点。这也导致了模糊的数学和经济理论概念的形成。