Assignment First

本篇悉尼代写-组织文化讲了帮助管理组织内个人行为的共享价值、信念和假设系统被认为是组织文化。这些共同的原则对组织中的员工有着巨大的影响,并决定了他们在公司内应该如何表现、行为或着装。本篇悉尼代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The system of sharing values, beliefs and assumptions that helps to manage individual’s behaviour within an organization is considered as organizational culture. The shared principles have immense influence on employees in an organization and dictates how they should perform, act or dress within the company.

According to Schein’s Typology culture within an organization does not develop overnight, it is an ongoing process. With time companies learn to adopt to culture that have better impact on their business. There are three level structures to improve organizational culture. They are as follows:

Artefact: It includes logos, symbols etc. of a company that reflects a company’s internal characteristics. The main intention is to maintain professionalism.

Values: According to Schein, a proper culture within an organization is the values within an employee. Individuals within an organization play vital roles to preserve organizational culture. Psychological, behavioural and communicational issues are critical to maintain organizational culture. In CISCO, each and every individual is responsible to maintain a better culture within the organization.

Value assumptions: Employees’ assumption of values at the organizational level is very critical. Hidden cultural believes of employees might impact the overall organizational culture.

Slide 2: Impact of culture on organizational structure

Proper organizational culture gives clear strategic vision and helps to align mission and vision of a company with its overall strategy. It helps to communicate with the employees and build strong relationship between employees and the top management. Positive culture encourages building long term sustainability within CISCO. In CISCO, employees have their own responsibility to perform. It develops better leaders and handles issues rapidly.