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本篇学院论文代写-护士EBP培训讲了任何新概念都必须通过适当的培训加以引进,以便适当地使用和执行。新概念可以带来好的或坏的结果,所有这些都取决于对这些概念的培训(Melnyk, Fineout-Overholt, Gallagher-Ford & Kaplan, 2012)。新事物需要正确的理解才能得到最好的利用。当护士们按照规定的格式工作时,他们就习惯了。因此,如果任何组织想要引入EBP,都应该进行适当的培训。本篇学院论文代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Registered Nurses and Feasible Implementation of EBP in the Clinical Setting: Training or No Training?

Any new concept has to be introduced with proper training for its appropriate use and implementation. New concepts can lead to good or bad results and all of it depends on the training given regarding those concepts (Melnyk, Fineout-Overholt, Gallagher-Ford & Kaplan, 2012). New things need proper understanding for the best use. As the nurses keep working in the prescribed format, they get habitual of it. Thus, if any organization wants to introduce EBP, proper training should be given. Registered Nurse (RN) cannot be expected to implement EBP in clinical setting without training or support from the management. Training will lead to the proper understanding of the concepts with its advantages when applied.

Training can be defined as the integration of the research with the clinical practices. Registered Nurses also come from various communities and thus may have a different understanding of any concept. Hence, it becomes necessary to train the nurses, so that patients get uniform and best quality of care (Melnyk, Gallagher-Ford, Long & Fineout-Overholt, 2014). The nurses become habitual of their way of working as they have performed their duties in the same manner for years. When EBP is introduces, a lot of simple changes need to be introduced and thus the nurses should know the benefits of these changes. Training and re training is the solution for this complex situation. Proper training schedules should be made and meetings should be arranged for the nurses to be efficient in EBP.

Once the RN get training in EBP, there should be a test based on this training. Test will let the organization know how much they learnt and where all they lack. This gives us further scope if improvement in this area. Training sessions will also allow the nurses to ask and query that they have about the implementation of EBP (Florin, Ehrenberg, Wallin & Gustavsson, 2012). Once trained and tested for some particular concepts and points of EBP, practical and situational analysis can be done. This will help in finding the shortcomings of the system and the training. Thus, more training sessions can be scheduled or on the spot training can be done. Only after training, we can expect the RN to deliver according to the EBP in clinical setting (Friesen-Storms, Moser, Loo, Beurskens & Bours, 2015). Training also gives confidence to the organization that the new concept will be successfully applied and help in improving the quality of care and patient outcome.


Patient satisfaction has become the priority in today’s time and thus the healthcare providers constantly thrive to provide services that satisfy the patient. Evidence based practice is a helpful concept in this sphere of health services. EBP, being already tried and tested gives very less chances of being failed. Thus, with proper training to the nurses and clinicians, EBP can become the stage for patient satisfaction. Any patient that comes to a healthcare provider has some trust with him, and to continue with such trustworthy services, EBP help. With the globalization in every sector of life, including health sector, it is important to know what the customer wants. The customer being the patient in health sector, patient satisfaction is the key factor for the success of any healthcare organization. Thus, the hospitals should apply this EBP and enjoy the benefits of this concept. Constant monitoring of the quality reports and patient feedback will allow further improvement in the services for the patients.