Assignment First


数据:紧身胸衣的使用导致腰围的缩小(Garner et al ., 1980)。女性想拥有更细的腰围,并且愿意穿紧身胸衣来获得更细的腰围(Turner et al, 1997)。在更现代的时代,这种对腰围和体重的痴迷在总体上继续体现在法伦等人(1996)的《饮食失调的女性主义观点》一书中。从20世纪开始,女性就有了关于身材的理想。苗条的身材被认为是最受欢迎的身材,这与穿紧身胸衣的想法是相辅相成的。在更多的当代,时尚已经采取了更快的措施,以实现缩小腰围(Seid, 1994)。为了达到纤细的腰部,人们会切除一些肋骨(Craik, 2009)。中国存在的足部整形概念是时尚如何影响人的极端例子之一(Silver, 2002)。然而,研究表明,重塑双腿的概念不仅限于中国,在其他国家,人们为了让自己的脚变得小巧时尚,还会截肢。穿尖头鞋是为了约束脚,随着时间的推移会失去其自然形状(麦克唐纳,2015)。


Data: The use of corset led to the shrinking of the waistlines (Garner et al, 1980). Women wanted to have a thinner waistline and were willing to wear a corset in order to get the thin waistline (Turner et al, 1997). In more current times this form of an obsession for waistlines and weight in general continues as represented in the book ‘Feminist Perspectives on Eating Disorders’ by Fallon et al(1996). Women have body ideals that are set from the 20th century on how women should be in terms of physique. A slender body is seen to be the most sought after form and this goes hand in hand with the idea of wearing the corset. In more current times, fashion has moved on to adopting faster measures in order to achieve the shrunken waist (Seid, 1994). People get some of their ribs removed in order to achieve the slender waist (Craik, 2009). The reshaping feet concept that existed in China is one of the extreme examples of how dangerous fashion will affect the person (Silver, 2002). However, as studies indicate the concept of reshaping one’s legs was not only restricted to China, people had their little toes amputated in other countries in order to make their feet tiny and fashionable. The wearing of pointed footwear is supposed to constrain the feet and with time lose its natural shape (Macdonald, 2015).
Analysis: From the data it can be inferred that dangerous fashion trends that people have followed in the past ages and in contemporary times hurts their body by changing their body’s natural shapes. Women’s ribcages get compressed in their attempt to have a thinner body. Women’s feet get reshaped leading to problems for them. These dangerous fashion trends hence must be avoided.


数据:来自同龄人的压力迫使女性坚持时尚理念,这对她们的身体和思想都是有害的,这是一种危险的时尚。一项关于女性美的平面媒体描述的研究似乎表明,美国时尚杂志描述了从20世纪80年代到90年代时装模特尺寸的缩小(Sypeck et al ., 2004)。此外,媒体开始在杂志上描绘名人的全貌,导致公众更容易受到名人效应的影响。暴露在苗条身材下的女性希望得到类似的身材描述。



Data: The peer pressure on women to adhere to fashion ideals that are damaging to their body and their mind is dangerous fashion. A study conducted on the print media depiction of feminine beauty seems to indicate that American fashion magazines depicted a reduction in fashion model size from the 1980s to the 1990’s (Sypeck et al, 2004). Also the media started portraying the complete pictures of celebrities in the magazines leading to the public being more exposed to the celebrity effect. Women being exposed to the thin image sought a similar body portrayal.
The culture effect also plays a role on the body image of women and the celebrities of the culture, or belonging to a religion also have a major effect on how women end up adopting dangerous fashion. Disturbed eating patterns and more are seen in this context (Sypeck et al, 2004).
Analysis: According to the data gathered it is inferred that women are put under pressure when they see celebrities who follow fashion trends. They attempt to follow the same trend and this leads to disturbed eating patterns and more. Celebrity influence is a major reason for the propagation of dangerous fashion.