Assignment First



整个设置需要一个干净无污染的环境,位于主城区附近,这样配送就不会因为交通而延迟。重要的是要确保设置的位置合适,这样新鲜的产品才能在规定的时间内到达目的地。由于初期投资巨大,合伙企业是最合适的。这将有利于公司拥有两个或更多的合作伙伴,在管理,控制卫生环境,处理经销商和广告客户,使每一个方面都可以在一个有效和有计划的方式照顾(Nicoleta, 2016)。


需要任命营销人员。他们将负责销售产品,管理产品在整个市场网络的分销。他们将能够收到来自市场的任何投诉/建议,店主将根据顾客的意见和反馈加以处理。有效的营销和销售是这样一个企业成功的关键因素。将需要一到两名有经验的营销人员。剩下的营销人员可以在他们的指导下进行培训。这将有助于维持支付给他们的工资预算。经验丰富的营销人员将帮助更容易进入市场,因为他们的声誉和与店主的联系(Ahmed et al., 2012)。这总是有助于利用他们的产品进入竞争的声誉。


There are various companies which help with identifying the type of technology and machinery required for being able to deliver exactly what is needed. Options are available and the best suited technology for the products can be easily chosen. Apart from this, maintenance and proper cleaning of the machinery will require special skills and procedure which has to be looked after.
The whole setup needs a clean and pollution free environment that is situated near the main city so that the distribution does not get delayed due to transportation. It is important to make sure that the setup is aptly located so that the fresh products can reach their destination within a stipulated period of time. Due to the large investment in the initial setup, a partnership firm is best suited. It will be beneficial for the firm to have two or more partners in sense of management, control over hygienic environment, dealing with distributors and advertisers so that every aspect can be looked after in an efficient and planned manner (Nicoleta, 2016).


The appointment of marketing personnel will be required. They will be responsible for marketing products, managing the distribution of the products across the market network. They will be able to receive any complaints/suggestions from the market that the store-owners will address on the basis of customer review and feedback. Efficient marketing and sales is a key aspect in the success of such a business. There will be requirement of one or two experienced marketing personnel. The rest of the marketing personnel can be then trained under them. This will help in maintaining a budget of wages paid to them. Experienced marketing staff will help in easier entry in the market due to their reputation and contacts with the shop owners (Ahmed et al., 2012). This always helps in taking advantage of their reputation for products making an entry into the competition.