Assignment First



为酒店提出的新趋势是,应该有广泛的部门领导。这应该由各组织制定,以满足消费者日益增长的需求。目前,主要市场人口分布在18岁至30岁之间。这一消费群体应该增加,使其更加家庭友好,以增加进入酒店的消费者流量。这家公司在很大程度上忽视了年轻的家庭人口统计。他们需要制定一个独特的以家庭为导向的策略,以增加进入酒店的家庭人群。他们应该成为目标。社会上的中上层阶级越来越多,酒店可以利用这方面的旅游来增加进入酒店的消费流量(Martin and Isozaki, 2013)。这个部分应该是有针对性的,更多的广告和促销策略应该针对吸引不同消费群体的人。

应该有一个利基领导和市场领导战略体系。在当前时代,有一个更互动的消费者基础,这是为该公司建立的。应该更多地关注社交媒体工具和市场分析(Martin and Isozaki, 2013)。




For the 3 star rang hotel in Cape Tribulation QLD the, proposed targets and strategies that have been outlined are to increase the frequency of consumers choosing to stay in the hotel. To make a renewed committed for organizational excellence should be the main objective of the employees. An expansion plan is proposed for the company. In the next five years, the Hotel should establish operation in another tourist location. One more important growth strategy is to increase the growth percentage of the company by 25%. The target consumers’ bases that have been identified is the young family population who are looking for novel safe hotel experience. To achieve this, a customer focussed growth strategy should be developed by the Hotel.
The emerging trends that are proposed for the hotel is that there should be broad segment leadership. This should be developed by the organizations to address the growing need of the consumers. Currently, the key market demography is between the people aged 18 to 30. This consumer base should increase to make it more family friendly, in order to increase the consumer traffic into the hotel. Young family demography is largely overlooked by this company. They need to develop a unique family oriented strategy that would increase the family crowds into the hotel. They should be targeted. There is growing upper middle class in the society and this aspect of tourism can be exploited by the hotel to increase the consumer traffic into the hotel (Martin and Isozaki, 2013). This segment should be targeted and more advertisements and promotional strategies should be directed towards garnering people across the consumer bases。
There should be a system of niche leadership and market leadership strategies. In the current times, there is a more interactive consumer base that is built for this the company. There should be focus more on the social media tools and market analytics (Martin and Isozaki, 2013).
There is a growing trend for newer innovative services. The hotel should develop a system where they are able to attract people with novel promotional strategies. There should be more promotions to attract the families with children.
The intrinsic brand image of the company should be increased in order to increase the net asset value of the company. This would make the hotel more attractive for the investors.